Love Sonia, Manmarziyaan, Mitron – Which Movie Will Claim Your Money This Weekend? Vote Now

So many movies, not enough Fridays to release. Box office clashes have always amped up the excitement for weekends, especially for movie buffs. Clashes have not been very fruitful for the movie business, but there is only so little we can do about it. The upcoming Friday, too, will see the limited number of screens in India host as many as five new releases - three Bollywood and two Hollywood - at the same time. Thankfully, the case this time is not even close to the high stakes of Raees and Kaabil clash. All the movies releasing this Friday are small budget ventures and all might just be able to get their investments back if they serve good content.

We would like to ask you about your preference when it comes to picking a movie this Friday. We can get that answer once the box office results are out on the following Monday but where is the fun in that? Let us start the contest right away. Vote now and tell us which movie you will spend your money on.


The biggest driving force for the audience to watch this comedy-drama is the presence of TV hottie Kritika Kamra. Add to that the genuinely funny trailer, and this might just be the recipe for success.


This Anurag Kashyap venture seems the most viable of all the releases. This movie has so much going on for the good. Firstly, it is Anurag's break from his trademark dark, gritty style, which is enough to get us talking. Then, Manmarziyaan is the 'comeback' of Abhishek Bachchan after a hiatus. Then there are the breakthrough stars, Taapsee Pannu (Mulk) and Vicky Kaushal (Raazi), also acting in the movie.

Love Sonia

Tabrez Noorani's feature film has already become a hit amongst the critics community. The star cast of the movie is the most talented line up of actors we have seen in the longest time. Freida Pinto, Demi Moore, Rajkummar Rao don't come together for a film just like that.

Hotel Milan

The movie has not really created a good buzz. But, you never know, it might just be good. We have seen enough wonders of word-of-mouth publicity in the past one year.

A Simple Favour

Imagine the super cute, adorable Anna Kendrick in a Gone Girl-ish movie. Well, take my money now. The movie has been directed by Paul Feig, who really, really needs a win after the underrate Ghostbusters remake. And, if you need another reason, the movie also stars Blake Lively.

Patient Zero

For the fans of the horror genre are in for a good month. The Nun has been raising a scare fest at the box office. Bollywood's Stree is also quite a hit. And Patient Zero is all set to roll out.

Which movie will you watch this weekend?

Which movie will you watch this weekend? You know you can wrap up more than one in those two days?   How about you vote and tell us the answer!