Mika Singh Released From UAE Police Custody After Being Arrested on Charges of Sexual Harassment
Mika Singh (photo credits: Instagram)

In a shocking piece of news, singer Mika Singh had been arrested last night in Dubai on the charges of sexual harassment. Mika has been in the Gulf as a part of the concert tour, when the arrest happened. He was accused by a 17-year old Brazilian model of being sent obscene pictures by him. Intriguingly, the girl was a part of Mika Singh's troupe and had been working with him for the 3-4 years. Singer Mika Singh Arrested in UAE for Sending Indecent Pictures to Teenaged Model: Report.

After spending some hours in Dubai Jail, Mika was later transferred to Abu Dhabi since the victim is a citizen there and holds an Abu Dhabi residence visa. Now, as per the latest update from IANS, Mika has been released from custody thanks to the intervention of the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Navdeep Singh Suri, the Indian Ambassador confirmed this news when he spoke to gulfnews.com. We Are Working on Mika Singh Case: Envoy.

However, his release has been made on the condition that he is expected to attend the court later. If Mika is found guilty, he could be facing a severe jail term as Gulf countries are very harsh on crimes against women.

Mika Singh, who had recently sung the Aankh Marey remix for Simmba, is known for his fair share of controversies. The most famous being the incident where he kissed Rakhi Sawant forcibly during his birthday bash in 2006. Earlier, when Salman was convicted for the Jodhpur blackbuck hunting case, Mika had this to say, "I respect our legal system but the law should be same for all. If Salman Khan can be convicted though he is a celebrity, then such people who are assaulting a poor guy and making a video of their criminal act should also be punished... They are safe because they are not Salman Khan." Wonder what he has to say about his own case now! (with inputs from IANS)