Rangoli Chandel Slams Deepika Padukone's Reaction To Judgemental Hai Kya Title Change By Talking About Ranbir Kapoor's Boxers
Deepika Padukone and Rangoli Chandel. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Rangoli Chandel, Kangana Ranaut's sister, is at it again. She is very active on Twitter and loves to put her point across a little too strongly. Deepika Padukone has always been one of her targets and she again picked on the Chhapakk actress. Recently, Rangoli shared an article of Deepika talking about Ranbir's boxers and said, "Deepika ke fans mujh par baras pade hain,yeh dekho maine thode kaha usne kaha hai,main bhi hairan hun jo insaan apne co actors ke kachchon mein ghusa rehta hai,usse kya pata film ka title change hokr film release & critically acclaimed hokr ja chuki hai." Kangana’s Mental Hai Kya Faces Objection From Deepika’s TLLL Foundation, Sister Rangoli Requests Them to Not Behave Like Karni Sena

Now if you read this particular article you will realise, it was reported way back in 2015. Rangoli started her Twitter rant by sharing a tweet by someone else who joked about Deepika's reaction to Mental Hai Kya posters and the name saying it's the side effect of smelling people's boxer. Guess the window Rangoli was looking for presented itself.

When fans mocked her...

Trying to prove Kangana is better...

Rangoli's 'Classy' Tweet

Rangoli's issues with Deepika and Ranbir's boxers

For those who aren't aware, a lot of controversy ensued with the title Mental Hai Kya, which was later changed to Judgemental Hai Kya. Deepika's foundation Live Laugh Love too objected to the title of the film. When she was asked about it at a recent event, she said, "Mental illness wasn't made to be understood for so many years. We shouldn't stereotype it. We're not going to progress that way. I think that where we need to be a little sensitive." At that point of time, Rangoli requested Deepika and her foundation not to jump the gun and turn into Karni Sena.

So Chandel is just continuing the same conversation after a short break.