It's true that nothing teaches you better than life's experiences. But before you grow up to understand what an awesome teacher life is, there are few individuals who relentlessly help you to grow and become capable of taking life as it is. They are the teachers, the guru...the real deal. We all have asked each other as a kid who the favourite teacher was, or had crushes on many, but there's no denying that they have a huge role to play in shaping our futures. Bollywood too has paid tribute to these selfless individuals in a lot of ways. If there's one who helped a blind girl see, there were also those who tried to use an expression with colour as means of an emotional let-out.

On their day today or on Teachers' Day, here're five songs from Bollywood movies that celebrate their teachings.

Na Hindu banega an Musalmaan - Dhool Ka Phool

This is will come as a surprise but if you ever homeschool your kid in this country, this should be your first lesson. This black and white movie did it so well many years back. You are a human first and a Hindu or a Muslim later. In today's time, it's highly relevant as well.

Ruk jana nahi - Imtihaan

An idealist professor decides to reform a group of rowdy students and it wasn't easy at all. Every time you hit a roadblock this song should be your jam!

Ha Maine chuukar dekha hai - Black

How do you teach a girl who is blind and eccentric? This video is so hopeful, bright and positive only because Amitabh Bachchan plays an undaunting teacher.

Khol de par - Hichki

While our teachers were always energetic and enthused, the issue was there was no practical education. Too much emphasis was laid on theoretical knowledge which falls flat at times when we go out in the world. Hence, Rani Mukerji's way of teaching simple processes in practical surroundings make this song from Hichki fabulous.

Bum bum bole - Taare Zameen Par

Professor Lupin is our favourite Defence Against Dark Arts teacher and Ram Shankar Nikumbh is our favourite arts teacher. We all wondered what it would be like Ishaan Awasthi to Nikumbh sir. Imagination is the key and the more vivid it is the better, that's what a teacher teaches us.

Now you tell us which is that one song you would like to dedicate it to your favourite teacher and who is your favourite teacher?

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