Demi Lovato's Nudes Leaked After Her Snapchat Account Gets Hacked, Fans Get Furious
Demi Lovato. (Photo Credits: Demi Lovato/Instagram)

Los Angeles, October 19: Demi Lovato's fans are furious and have offered their support the singer after hackers reportedly posted a series of nude photographs of the star online.

Cyber trolls recently broke into her Snapchat and began sharing a series of intimate shots, according to The Blast.

It is said that the star's publicity team immediately began working to remove the pictures. They have all now been deleted, reports Demi Lovato Appreciated for Her Raw Beauty As She Shares an Unedited Bikini Photo.

Rallying round the 27-year-old star, one fan wrote online: "Leaking celebrity nudes is literally so classless and disrespectful.

"I'm tired of this s***. Demi Lovato doesn't deserve this at all!!!!"

Another added: "Omfg someone's hacked Demi's Snapchat! Why would anyone do this #DemiLovato #snapchat."

A third wrote: "Demi Lovato has been hacked, you have no idea how dangerous this stupid joke is and the consequences it could have!!"

Demi Lovato goes through enough shit and y'all really hacked this girl and released private pictures...

It's bad ENOUGH y'all was out here Photoshopping her face on porn actresses bodies. Y'all some sick twisted fuckers. I CANNOT stress this enough... I AM SICK OF YALL

— Maxine Gibson (@jasontoddsmut) October 18, 2019

While another wrote: "Demi Lovato goes through enough s*** and y'all really hacked this girl and released private pictures..."