Happy Birthday Ryan Reynolds! 15 Funny And Witty Tweets That Make The Deadpool Actor Social Media's Favourite Star
Happy Birthday Ryan Reynolds (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds celebrates his 43rd birthday today. The actor, who recently, had a third baby with wife Blake Lively, seems to have a lot to celebrate this year. Besides the whole Deadpool becoming part of Marvel Studios and Reynolds working on the third part of the R-rated superhero, fatherhood has been keeping him super busy. But nothing can stop his incessant tweets about practically anything that humours him. The Canadian actor is loved by all, not for his Canadian roots but also for his quirky humour. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Share the First Picture of Their Third Baby But We Can't Decide Who Their Daughter Resembles More! 

More than quirky, it's the wit and sarcasm in his comments and tweets that literally make any sad person laugh out loud. Ryan Reynolds might have some embarrassing movies in his filmography but he is one of the few men who can laugh at his own adversities instead of moping over it. Of course, he also helps people find the little joys in life with his series of hilarious tweets and social media exchanges.

It's not just some cutting edge humour on the big screen that makes him a fun celebrity but witty comments on current happenings, sarcastic but cute jibes at wife Blake Lively, hilarious dad-posts for his daughters and more. Like mentioned the effortless humour on social media definitely tickles everyone's funny bones! With that, let us check out some of his funniest tweets that even though are outdated, can still make anyone laugh. Ryan Reynolds Has A Solution To Marvel's Loss Of Spider-Man, Make A Movie Featuring Deadpool and The Web-Slinger!

His idea of the perfect crime -

Parenting 101 -

Because Hollywood walk of fame has no chill -

He loves his wife too much -

This relatable AF post -

He doesn't even spare his super cool mum!

Fatherhood at its best -

Such dark humour -

Ummm, yay?

His love for Hugh Jackman is unconditional -

Just recently, Kate Beckinsale stated that she believes that she looks exactly like Ryan Reynolds. She is super convinced about this report that only she is backing. We did wonder if what she said might have some substance. Is it just her? Well, we'll leave you in charge of deciding whether Kate Beckinsale is Ryan Reynolds' doppelganger. Meanwhile, stay tuned to this space because we will get you a report on how the actor celebrated his birthday.