James Stewart was a Hollywood icon that revolutionized acting for his time. Not only being a great actor, but a great person at heart as well, Stewart has done so much to contribute to the society. Being a military pilot, Stewart was able to tap into that sense of relatability that a lot of celebrities aren’t able to. Being able to portray the everyman in his movies, Stewart was an actor of class. James Stewart Birth Anniversary: From Rear Window to Anatomy of a Murder, 7 Best Films of the Hollywood Legend Ranked As per IMDb (LatestLY Exclusive).

He was the perfect definition of what an American should be, and did his best to portray that through his actions and films. Like previously mentioned, he not only starred in some of the most influential films, but contributed a lot to society as well. So, to celebrate this iconic actor’s birth anniversary, let’s take a look at five interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about him. Pierce Brosnan Birthday Special: From Goldeneye to Mrs Doubtfire, 5 of the James Bond Actor’s Best Films Ranked According to IMDb.

Stewart Fought in World War II

You heard that right. James Stewart saw combat in World War II. He was a trained military pilot, and was dispatched to England to fight Germany. He saw many combat missions there and made it home safely.

He Published a Poetry Book

James Stewart authored a poetry back as well. Titled Jimmy Stewart and His Poems, the book saw a collection of some of his best verses. He even provided details on how some of the poems came to be.

He is an Architect

James Stewart has a degree in architecture as well. He got a degree from Princeton University, although had to give up on it. This was due to the country being in Great Depression at the time. Stewart would then pursue acting.

James Stewart Kept His Oscar in a Hardware Store

After his father asked him what kind of award he had won, James told him about the Oscar to which his father asked him to bring it to the hardware store. The Oscar then remained at the store for the next 25 years.

He Thought He Didn’t Deserve His Oscar

James Stewart apparently thought he didn’t deserve the Oscar that he won. He thought that his friend Henry Fonda deserved it more than him.

James Stewart certainly was a huge personality for his time, and he truly is an icon of the industry. With this, we finish off the list and celebrate the life of James Stewart on this day.

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