John Wick: Chapter Three — Parabellum Movie Review: Keanu Reeves is 'Hunting' for Peace by Waging a Brutal yet Beautiful War
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So you are Keanu Reeves fan and you can never get enough of John Wick Chapter 1 and 2? Well, fortunately, it’s next chapter is equally interesting or should I say thrilling? Reeves returns with the third instalment of his popular action franchise and this time the stakes are really high. One of the most awaited movies of this year (for me at least), Chapter 3 Parabellum is what you call a ‘paisa vasool’ entertainer (it’s a Hindi slang). It’s loaded with action and gives you no reason to disappoint. John Wick 3: Keanu Reeves on Why He Loves the Character and His Favorite Action Sequence From the Film.

The story continues with John being an excommunicated assassin with a $14 million bounty on his head. A prime target for all the assassins in the world, he’s running for his life but is determined to kill anyone and everyone whose aim is to see him die. However, the plot thickens when a high table representative referred to as the Adjudicator (Asia Kate Dillon) arrives. She’s here to remind everyone who helped Wick survive that they have to pay a heavy price for it. This includes Winston (Ian Mcshane) the King of the Bowery (Lawrence Fishburne) and the Director (Anjelica Houston). The adjudicator then hires a team of assassins to set the record straight that no one’s allowed to help the excommunicated and anyone who goes ahead with a helping hand will face dire consequences. Now how does John convince Sofia (Halle Berry) to help him in his mission and if he’s able to fight and survive till the end is what forms the other part of this story.

The movie is a treat for all the action lovers and director Chad Stahelski completely justifies the genre. Well, that’s the perk of a stuntman being the film's director. It’s a fast-paced action thriller where you have no scope to sit back and relax. John Wick thrives on action and it’s essential that you don’t mess with this aspect. If you cheered and whistled for all the fight sequence throughout its first two instalments, this latest offering will only pique your interest further. The director understands the notion and does a fine job in establishing the stakes and how John is fighting a lone battle being his own one-man army.

Watch out for action scenes where he fights with a book in his hand or the climax where his assassins relish the dream of meeting John Wick as his fanboys. The action is incredible, ruthless and brutal. Though the Indian censor board has been a cry baby for chopping some of these action scenes, the rest are incredible and set the tone just right.

Chad deserves a pat on the back for his directing skills and it’s fascinating to see him outdo his own self every time. History rarely repeats itself while narrating anyone’s glory but Stahelski’s definitely lucky in that department and it doesn’t seem unwarranted. His ability to mix subtle humour amid high octane action scenes is pre-eminent.

What’s better in Chapter 3? I’d say the setting and cinematography to some extent. The director doesn’t restrict you to a handful of frames. The landscapes vary from an urban city to the Moroccan locales and a vast desert. Such crucial investments prevent the movie from being a monotonous affair. Good writing is such a blessing at times. It helps you connect with the characters without losing your interest. And John Wick’s sequel, fortunately, falls in the same category. The linear storytelling is capable of intriguing you as a standalone movie. Yes, it means for the ones who were sceptical if they should go ahead and watch the third chapter directly will be able to understand and enjoy themselves.

However, the same can be a negative aspect of this offering. It gets repetitive. So John is brilliant when it comes to his profession and is always a step ahead than the rest. What’s next? Will the makers try and bring any change to his storyline? His world is deadly and full of his assassins friends. Yet he goes straight into their clutches for following his heart. He doesn’t think about its repercussions and that makes it look like a humdrum routine work. Of course, by the end of Parabellum, the plot intensifies and you can’t wait to see what’s lying in store for you next.

John Wick's dialogues can be mood dampener at times. Yes, I know he's a man of few words and there are hardly any dialogues registered under his name, yet those can be impactful, right? Even a word can give you high if chosen correctly.

And since we are already talking about the film's negative traits, I am also slightly disappointed to realise who has an upper hand on the High Table. The position is so prominent and demands your respect. However, the character lacks the necessary 'wow' element and is a big turn off.


Keanu Reeves is brilliant as always. He nails his John Wick act once again and there’s no better action star than him in recent times. Though the situation looks tedious and scary at times, yet he looks anything but scared. The role was meant for him and he does a stellar job in making you fall in love with him all over again. The more we praise the less it will be for him.

Halle Berry is, in fact, the surprise addition to this instalment. She’s the only ally John has and is unwillingly determined to fight by his side. Now come on, she’s a bond girl and you know what to expect from her. Her sentiments resonate with John and there's a common thread that links their actions. Her cameo doesn’t look forced for she’s a crucial chapter from John’s past life. The duo sets the screen on fire and doesn’t blame us if you can’t stop rooting for them throughout.

Other supporting actors like Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane, Lance Reddick and baddie Mark Dacascos are at par and no one gives you a reason to complain.


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Final Thoughts

I believe in rating a movie on the basis of its entertainment quotient; leaving aside all the logic it needs to have. For the ones who love action or otherwise, take my word – you won’t be disappointed. It’s one of the most successful running franchises in Hollywood and there’s a reason behind it. The makers know their job and they believe in surpassing their own good work. So go ahead and book your tickets now.

Rating:4out of 5