John Wick: Chapter Three - Parabellum: Twitterati Upset After Censor Board Orders Some 'Cuts' Despite Giving an 'A' Certificate
John Wick 3 starring Keanu Reeves.

Indian Censor Board is a place good enough for mockery. It's clearly not a place where talent and creativity are allowed to thrive. Okay, so we understand that you care for our society and there's no harm or nothing wrong with that. But why order cuts on some of the movie scenes despite giving it an 'A' certificate? Aren't the cuts meant for a different certification? If replacing the liquor bottle in Rakul Preet's hand by a bouquet of flowers in De De Pyaar De wasn't enough, the board went ahead to order some 'cuts' from Keanu Reeves' next big release John Wick: Chapter Three — Parabellum. John Wick 3: Halle Berry Confesses She Wanted to Fight Like Keanu Reeves in This Action Film.

A Twitter user recently shared details about the scenes that were chopped by CBFC. That includes the removal of an abusive word with few violent action scenes. Social media is currently upset with CBFC's new decision that they believe was unwarranted. Check out some of the tweets where Twitterati is criticising Indian Censor Board and we say it's valid enough. Hellboy Producer Reveals the Reason Behind Casting John Wick Star Ian McShane As the Hero’s Adoptive Father.

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Hopefully, CBFC's decision won't impact the film's earning at the Indian box office. With too many movies clashing at the box office this week, the number game will be hugely impacted. Let's hope Keanu Reeves is able to win this big race and oh, yes, let's pray for CBFC to make better decisions.