Not Lady Gaga But Jennifer Garner Is The New Lady In Bradley Cooper's Life?
Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper the new couple? (Photo Credits: Twitter)

There might be more than friendship brewing between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner. The two actors, who are very good friends, might be more than friends, say new reports! The rumours first started when Garner was spotted 'sneaking into' Cooper's residence. On the same, a publication even went ahead to claim that it wasn't a friendly visit but a proper date, further adding that a romance is probably taking place among the two Alias co-stars. Bradley Cooper Hesitant to Commit To His A Star is Born Co-Star Lady Gaga After Breakup With Irina Shayk?

On the same, a source did not seem surprised by the rumours and further added that it was high time the two took their friendship to the next level. Stating that “the timing couldn’t be more perfect for them to make a real go of things once and for all.” Another insider also claimed that Cooper and Garner are practically perfect for each other. But this certainly might be false news after all considering how Garner is currently rumoured to be dating someone. And no, it is not Bradley Cooper! It was earlier reported that Garner is dating John Miller and they are pretty serious about each other. The Truth About Bradley Cooper's Rumoured Date With Lady Gaga In France! (Hint: 'She' Was A 60-Year-Old Man)

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner's Alias reunion (Photo Credits: Twitter)

"No one would be surprised if they got engaged by summer. John has discussed marrying Jen,” the source continued before adding that Garner “admires John because he is just normal.” Meanwhile, reports of Bradley Cooper taking things forward with his A Star is Born co-star, Lady Gaga refuses to die down anytime soon. Cooper has prioritized his calendar by keeping only two options, spending time with his two-year-old daughter Lea De Seine and his career. He does not wish to digress from his path and wants to only focus on these two things for now.