The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild sees the return of Ice Age. The movie is a spinoff based on the character Buck Wild with the movie seeing him reunite with Crash and Eddie. Crash and Eddie find themselves in the lost world and are rescued by Buck, they then team up to take out creatures who are out to hunt them. The movie itself was quite enjoyable to say the least, but it still suffered from some moments that made it really annoying. The Ice Age - Adventures of Buck Wild Movie Review: Simon Pegg’s Spinoff Saga is Partly Enjoyable, But Mostly Annoying! (LatestLY Exclusive).

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild ends in a way that the story leaves it open to more spinoffs. It also sees a full growth on the part of Crash and Eddie with them deciding to be independent and carving their own path. With the filmmakers talking about how they would like to explore more of this world, it’s safe to assume that Ice Age will be returning back in some shape or form. With that being said, here is the ending of The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild explained. Scream 5 Movie Review: Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox’s Fourth Sequel is a Stab-Happy Return to Form With Some Flaws! (LatestLY Exclusive).

The Ending

After Orson is defeated, the group celebrates. With Crash and Eddie taking him down, they have developed a new sense of confidence. They approach Ellie, and tell her that they like the lost world better and plan on staying there. With Buck and Zee, they enjoy more and want to live there with them. But they would only agree to do that, if he knew that Ellie and the group would be fine.

Reassuring Crash and Eddie that she will be fine, Ellie agrees to them staying there. Just as Ellie is about to depart, she looks back at Crash and Eddie. Not wanting to leave without saying one final goodbye to her brothers, Ellie runs back to them and embraces them.

Crash and Eddie tell Ellie that they will keep returning, and especially if they need something. We then see Ellie talk about family and growth, as Manny shouts out that Crash and Eddie are back for lunch.

How it Sets Up More Spinoffs

With Crash and Eddie now deciding to stay in the lost world, the film sets up more future spin offs with them. The filmmakers have talked about wanting to make a seventh film, and it looks like that will be focusing on these two characters.

The film also introduced Zee, who can also get a spinoff alongside Buck. There is so much more to both of these characters that can be explored. Seeing as to how Buck was the standout here, it would be a real shame if his standalone story wouldn’t be continued.

As for our main group, not sure if their stories will be continued, seeing how it got over with the fifth film. But seeing as how this ended, we can definitely expect them to show up in a more of a supporting role.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is streaming right now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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