Victoria Beckham Reveals That Her Son Romeo Took Her Help to Gain TikTok Popularity
Romeo Beckham with mom Victoria Beckham (Photo Credits: Instagram)

David Beckham's wife Victoria Beckham has jokingly claimed that her 17-year-old son Romeo has "used" her popularity to increase his followers on social media. Victoria recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she revealed that her son has made her dance to a track by Spice Girlsï the all-girl pop band she was once a part of along with him, so that he could gain more followers on TikTok. Victoria Beckham Reveals She Stays Healthy by Drinking Red Wine and Tequila.

Victoria, who rose to fame as Posh Spice in the nineties, has shared that she danced to the popular Spice Girls song "Spice Up Your Life" along with her millennial son, who has recently joined the TikTok app and is eager to increase his number of followers. Victoria Beckham is Eva Longoria’s Go-to Person for Parenting Tips.

The video, which Romeo shared on his mum Victoria's Instagram from her phone has gone viral in no time. Victoria currently has over 27 million followers on Instagram. Romeo also posted the video on his TikTok and captioned it: " "#spicegirls #poshmum". After his dance video with his mum went viral, the teenager currently enjoys a follower base of over 147,000 and still counting!"