Jasraj Lailna is the latest Punjabi artist dominating the global music industry. Nachdi Jawani is a globally acclaimed and world’s biggest bhangra academy. Jasraj is presently a part of it. Within a time period of 10 years, Jasraj has participated in 51 different Bhangra competitions. He played algoze and dhol and also danced on many different stages.

On turning 20, Jasraj wished to grow further in the field of music and started educating himself about music production, sound recording and all the other everyday operations of a music studio. He was taught by a drummer called Bittu Jogi who hailed from Ludhiana in Punjab. Besides this, he was mentored by J-Statik who is a music producer as well. 

After several years practicing and learning about the ins and outs of music as well as its industry, 21-year-old finally opened his very own music recording studio in Brampton, Ontario, Canada which is his hometown. It is called “Folk Vibez Music”. After that, he released around thirty songs within a time span of three years with many prestigious music labels such as Speed Records, Jass Records, and Royal Music Gang.

Jasraj has had many highlights in his career. Throughout his journey in the music industry, he played dhol on various hit tracks such as ‘Diamond Di Jhanjar’ by Gurnam Bhullar, ‘Rim Vs Jhanjar’ by Karan Aujla and ‘Scratch’ By Karan Aujla and Gurlej Akhtar. Besides this, he has played algoze on many songs like ‘Record’ by Harf Cheema. In the latest news, he got popular due to his song called ‘Jhoomar (The Beautiful Mist)’ which has been sung by Gurman Birdi, a renowned folk singer. Dating back to August 13, 2017, Jasraj made a song called ‘6 foot’ which got leaked. It was sung by Sidhu Moosewala. 

Jasraj has recorded countless famous artists ranging from Sardool Sikander, Arif Lohar, Kamal Khan, Kambi Rajpuria, Sidhu Moosewala, Deep Jandu, Lally Mundi, Gurnam Bhullar to Jordan Sandhu. Besides this, he has performed ADR/post-sync work for “Rabb Rakha”, a movie. It starred actor Surjit Khan. Presently, he is a one-man army who manages a range of services starting from music production, vocal recordings, live instrument recordings, mixing and mastering, to ghost production services.

Besides music, Jasraj is extremely interested in teaching Bhangra and partaking in competitions. He wishes to impart his education and insights to other youths interested in following a similar path. Connect with this young and talented musician on Instagram: @jasrajlailna. You can also check out his music on Youtube: ‘folkvibezmusic’.