Malayalam Actress Amala Paul’s Ex-husband AL Vijay Ties the Knot Again, Deiva Thirumagal Director Marries R Aishwarya
AL Vijay, Amala Paul (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Amala Paul and director A.L. Vijay’s marital life and later their separation, it was in limelight for the longest time. The then couple met on the sets of Deiva Thirumagal, the Tamil-language film that released in 2011. But it was in April 2014 the duo confirmed that they’re dating, and on June 7 Amala and Vijay were engaged. Five days later the couple tied the knot and it was a grand affair. But when the news started floating around that they are getting divorced, it came as a shock to the fans. It was in February 2017 the duo got officially divorced. And now, the Malayalam actress’ ex-husband has tied the knot again. He got married to Dr. R. Aishwarya and pictures of the same are doing rounds on social media. Is Amala Paul’s Ex-Husband AL Vijay Dating NGK Actress Sai Pallavi?

On June 29, Diamond Babu issued a press release stating ‘From the desk of Director #Vijay on his Wedding with Dr. R. Aishwarya’. It read, “Life’s journey is always special and unique in it’s own way for everyone. Just like anyone, my life has traveled through different stages involving success, failure, joy and pain. But what stood by me during all such occasions is the strong support from press and media, whom I wouldn’t address as ‘Friends’, but ‘Family’. They have understood my emotions and respected my privacy with a soothing approach to my personal life.” Is Kangana Ranaut Being Paid Rs 24 Crores for Jayalalithaa Biopic? Director AL Vijay Clarifies.

It further read, “Now, I feel the need to share an important beginning in my life with all my well wishers. I am happy to announce my wedding with DR. R. Aishwarya. It’s an arranged marriage and going to be a private ceremony which will be held in July 2019. With all your love and blessings, I am embarking on a new chapter of life! Thank you for all your good wishes and support!”

Take a look at the tweet below:

And here’s A.L. Vijay and R. Aishwarya’s pic:

Right after A.L. Vijay’s divorce, the reports were doing rounds stating that the filmmaker’s father A.L. Azhagappan wants his son to get settled again. Few months ago there were rumours that A.L. Vijay and Sai Pallavi are dating. The two never said anything about it. Well, the rumours are clearly put to rest now. We wish Vijay and Aishwarya a great married life ahead!