Ram Gopal Varma is currently making headlines for his movie releases in the times of coronavirus pandemic. After Mia Malkova's Climax, the director released NNN (Naked Nanga Nagnam) starring Sweety and the same has been grabbing eyeballs these days. The director claims that around 35,000 people have paid and watched the film in less than 20 hours of its release and this for him is an achievement in itself. When the director in his recent interaction with Galatta.com was asked about the weird camera angles between a girl’s legs in his new release. he had a rather weird explanation for it. Ram Gopal Varma Announces his Next Project 'Kidnapping of Katrina Kaif' and We Don't Know What to Make Of It (View Poster).

"There are two reasons for that, one is the for the fact, the film is called Naked. It is about somebody’s holistic vision of a woman. If I could recollect some of my early days’ memory like say before venturing into films and stuff. During those times, when I am on a bus, I try to peek at a woman sitting in the seat and look at her... You know. So, the woman is not showing but the men have the audacity to see it in a certain way. And that is what the subject matter is in the context. So, obviously it is about one character’s perception of the way he looks at the women subjecting her body parts which are how the kind of shots originated from," he explained.

The director later also clarified how 'naked' as a word has different meanings for him. "Naked for me is a word that has multiple meaning, there is physical nakedness, emotional nakedness and then most being hypocrites cover what you feel and naked tries to take those clothes of hypocrisy which why you see those kinds of angles in the movie. Sexuality and sensuality of women is something that attracts everyone which is actually a part of cinema." Sushant Singh Rajput’s Demise: Ram Gopal Varma Defends Karan Johar After Netizens Blame Him for Nepotism (View Tweets).

Answering the question and explaining the reason behind having different camera angles, he said, "Why would I put Naked’s trailer out unless I want attention, that’s the whole reason behind it? Anybody would do that. All the men would love to see a woman secretly, and probably they want to see women in the angles they have not seen before. Like many people I know would admire a girl in a bikini but when you see her in saree which technically covers everything from head to toe but in the context of the film if I manage to get angles to see her body parts through the saree folds but when she is not aware of it. That aspect of the camera work will come a lot.”

RGV's NNN was release online on pay per view basis. Post which, he's already working on his next and will keep updating about it.

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