Sarkar Movie Review: Thalapathy Vijay's Diwali Blockbuster is Stylish, Sentimental And Entertaining
Sarkar Movie Review

When you enter the closed dark room of the theatre with teenage boys screaming for Thalapathy Vijay's one glimpse on the big screen, you know for certain that it's going to be a fun moviegoing experience. Thalapathy Vijay's Sarkar had the same effect although with a brief setback. As we Vijay fans waited with bated breath for his third film with AR Murugadoss, instead of Tamil, the film started with Telugu dub. Obviously, we didn't take it and stormed out of the theatre to raise concerns over the same. Interestingly, the film does have a very ironic resemblance to the incident we faced in the theatre. When we didn't get what was promised, we fought for it. Politics is just the same in real life with the one big difference, we don't fight for it but simply suffer and survive in what's being offered to us. Sarkar: Ahead of Release, Kerala Fans Erect a Humongous 175 Feet Cutout for Thalapathy Vijay - View Pics

The plot of Sarkar is just like any other political drama. Here, the concern is regarding tampering of voting ballots and electoral fraud. Thalapathy Vijay as Sundari Ramasamy, a ruthless and shrewd business tycoon, also known as Genghis Khan of the business world, returns to India, spooking the future of many companies. But he has only travelled miles with expensive means and four bodyguards, one personal assistant, to put his vote. Shocked by the electoral fraud where he finds someone else had voted on his behalf, Vijay wreaks havoc and opens awareness for more scope for RTI ( Right to Information). He fights to acquire his right to vote with a case, wins it and ensures new concerns.

Political dramas with a dash of masala and romance always win at the box office. Keeping the same analogy in mind, AR Murugadoss has churned out yet another film with its tearjerker moments that give citizens (or at least his fans), ample of reasons to go and cast a vote. It's a reiteration of Shankar's Sivaji The Boss which stars Superstar Rajinikanth. However, what makes this political drama edgy is the strong presence of Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. Vijay couldn't have asked for a better antagonist! Despite her major role in the second half, she takes force and proves what an asset she is to the script and the scene and the film! The actors aren't the only assets in this project but the fine dialogue writing too. One of the dialogues, "Don't ask a woman who has given birth to two kids whether she can handle pain". Talk about a strong message, this dialogue takes the cake! Vijay's Sarkar Plagiarism Controversy Ends, Film Set To Release On Nov 6 In 3,000 Screens Worldwide!

Though, the story is not something we're seeing for the first time. It is kind of Vijay's patent film style. He is the actor of the masses. Hence, his love interest, Keerthy Suresh, stands there with no concrete role in hand. Having delivered a spotless performance in Mahanati, you do expect some meaty role to be portrayed by Suresh. But standing with Vijay, here's literally not much she can do or say. She's not the only disappointing factor in the film. The action sequences, I have to admit, are a class apart. Very well choreographed. Then why would you want to ruin the spectacle with the use (unnecessary use) of slo-mos? Beats the purpose of leaving an impact on the audience. Sarkar Teaser: Thalapathy Vijay is His Dashing Self As He Dances and Bashes His Way Through This Political Thriller - Watch Video.


- The charisma of Thalapathy Vijay

- ‎Well-choreographed action sequences

- ‎Decent background score by AR Rahman

- ‎Impeccable direction by helmer AR Murugadoss

- ‎Not just the dialogue delivery by the actors but the dialogue itself will stay with you

- ‎Varalaxmi Sarathkumar's stoic performance in the second half is a scene stealer


- Keerthy Suresh is a downer in the film

- ‎The unnecessary addition slow motion feature during action sequences making it less impacting

- ‎Bobby Simha also underused in the film

- ‎Kicks off brilliantly but loses momentum in the course of storytelling. However, it eventually does end with a bang

- ‎A one time watch

Final Thoughts

It is an out and out masala film with the traditional Vijay sentiments, the dancing, the romancing, the fighting, the forgiving, everything that can make the audience whistle. But it's nothing new. So if you're expecting something new and different from Sarkar, the one thing you'll be amused by is Vijay's salt and pepper look and probably his lackadaisical dance (can't blame him, he isn't getting younger by the day). One time watch only, so make the most of it!

Rating:3out of 5