Brooklyn 99 is more than just a laugh-out-loud series. If we adored Charles Boyle's hero-worship of his friend Jake Peralta, we loved the soft-hearted Terry underneath the bulky exterior. If Ginna Lenetti sets us right on our path with her obnoxious yet just cynicism, Amy Santiago's over-achieving self did makes us worry for her. Peralta of course takes the cake with his daddy issues and every issue in general. When talking about daddy issues, Peralta's incessant urge to look at Raymond Holt as his father is the cutest moment in the series. And today is the birthday of the man who made Holt a favourite despite his deadpan expression and non-hilarious jokes. It only makes sense that on Andre Braugher's birthday, we will revisit some of his quotes from the series.  Andy Samberg’s ‘Palm Springs’ to Release on Amazon Prime Video

Priorities defined...

Truer words have never been said

When the millennials don't get grammar like Captain Holt

Captain Holt B99 Quotes

What if Holt wrote Cheddar's wedding invitation

Holt Zinger? Not a bad idea...

Without Holt, there can never be a precinct so inclusive and hilarious. For that Brooklyn 99 was Cool, Cool, Cool, Cool!

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