Bepannaah Written Episode Update, September 6, 2018: Aditya Forces Zoya to Accepts Her Feelings For Him
Photo Credit: Zee TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts with Noor finding Arjun at the door as Wasim walks up behind her. Wasim asks Noor to leave for office while he speaks to Arjun.

Wasim tells Arjun that Zoya(Jennifer Winget) is marrying Arshad and now Adi should stay away from her. Noor and Arjun fight as Noor refuses to forgive Arjun for ignoring her.

Arjun tells Adi that Zoya is marrying Arshad, Anjana who is standing near is elated by this news. Adi refuses to believe this, but Arjun says that Wasim told him. Arjun asks Adi if his love is one-sided.(Also Read: Zoya Agrees to Marry Arshad)

Adi is sure that Zoya does love him, but she has not realised yet. Adi says Zoya married a wrong person, but he will not let her do that again when she has him.

Noor faces a new challenge in the office as her new boss makes her prepare a drink for him. Later he also touches her inappropriately. Her boss screams at her accusing her of flirting with his client.

Noor says that she does not drink nor does she touch alcohol, so she walks out. Zoya reaches office to find her employees worried. Zoya finds some flowers on the floor. She walks into her cabin to find Adi, who welcomes her in.

Zoya asks him to leave, but Adi confronts her about agreeing for marriage. Zoya asks Adi not to interfere with her life. Adi tells Zoya that she loves him and she is just scared to accept it.

Adi reminds her of the time he ran away from her and says that she is doing just that. Adi says that he was confused that he was taking friendship for love, but he knew with time that this feeling was going nowhere.

Adi tells her that this is there between the both of them and now it's her turn to accept it. Zoya pushes him away and says that Adi is lying. Adi holds her and asks her why she fights with everyone who goes against him.

Arshad hits Aditya and asks him to stay away from Zoya. Zoya is unable to bear this, and she screams out to him as Arshad hits him more. Aditya falls as Zoya takes him into her arms and cries over him. Adi smiles in pain and says that she does care for him.