Beyhadh 2: Jennifer Winget Almost Broke Her Nails While Shooting For The Promo(Watch Video)
Beyhadh 2 Behind The Scenes (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Beyhadh 2's third promo starring Jennifer Winget was a super creepy one. While we are yet to see one with Jennifer and her leading men Ashish Chowdhry and Shivin Narang, the ones released so far are splendid. I mean, Maya did not even think once before challenging Lord Krishna with her own version of the Mahabharata. We have to say, we were completely blown away by Jenny's prowess and also want to also give some credit to the director Vijay Maurya, for shooting them so beautifully. Obviously, a lot of mehnat and even a little bit of pain for Jennifer were what went on behind the scenes. Beyhadh 2 New Promo: Jennifer Winget As Maya Doesn't Even Spare Lord Krishna, Promises to Unleash a New ‘Mahabharat’ From December 2 (Watch Video)

In a BTS video that was released by the channel, we got an inside look at how all the three promos of Beyhadh 2 were shot.

Watch The Video Below:

In the video, Jennifer revealed that she was happy and excited to perform aerial yoga, something that was unique in this season. And while we already saw the efforts that the actress put in to perfect Maya in Beyhadh 2, the show's director Vijay Maurya also revealed how one of the scenes led to Jennifer getting hurt. The scene in question was from the first promo, where Jennifer had to scratch her nails on the floor. She did it with such conviction that her nails were hurting and almost broke off, but she did not complain and completed her shot. Beyhadh 2: This Latest Teaser For Jennifer Winget's Show Will Give You The Chills, Literally (Watch Video)

The video also contained other BTS shots from Jennifer's rehearsals on the aerial ropes to her closeups to her car scene from the third promo. Beyhadh's twisted first season starring Winget, Kushal Tandon and Aneri Vajani created a huge fan base for the show. Kudos to Team Beyhadh 2. The show will premiere on December 2, 2019, in the 9 pm slot.