Jasleen Matharu tells Sreesanth that if it was his way to Dipika then it's of no use as she has lost the task. She asks him if he is with Dipika, and he tells her yes and he has forgiven her. Surbhi says that Sreesanth and Dipika are playing the sympathy card. She challenges Sreesanth to fight with her and he starts laughing. Surbhi adds that Sreesanth pretends to go so that he gets attention from everyone. 

Jasleen tells Sreesanth that Dipika got him out of the show and how can he support her. Sreesanth goes inside the house and Deepak and Dipika disqualify him. 

Deepak starts crying and Romil tells him not to as Sreesanth abused him yesterday and he should have realised back then that the kind of person Sreesanth is. 

Sreesanth also tries to erase Deepak's name from the scoreboard. He spits on his name on the scoreboard to do that. This irritates Surbhi Rana and Romil Chaudhary, who question his upbringing. Surbhi calls Sreesanth mentally ill and tells him that he should have gone for a mental checkup before coming on the show. She adds that Deepak respects him so much and that if he can spit on his name, he can do that to anyone's name. She doesn't stop there as she tells that till yesterday he was against Dipika and today he has flipped, and Saba Khan also supports Surbhi and tells Sreesanth that he could have stood on his words. 

As the task is going on, Dipika erases the scores on Deepak's scoreboard and he does the same to her scoreboard. Dipika then tries to put water on Deepak's scoreboard in order to remove his name, and Deepak follows the suit. However, Dipika throws water on Deepak's face as he is trying to erase her name. 

Next day, Dipika strategises with Karanvir Bohra and tells him that she has to win at any cost. Hence, they decide remove Deepak's name from score board and also hides the rule page from the task rule book. Bigg Boss announces the start of the second leg of the task and Sreesanth asks Deepak about the cap, but he pretends he doesn't know. Sreesanth starts walking on the treadmill for Dipika, but since they don't have the cap, it won't be valid. Deepak tells Dipika that it's against the rules. 

Manipulations, agitation and unnecessary arguments take over, as various contestants try to distract the others from completing the given task. In one such incident, Deepak decides to hide the Ghoda cap, which the Ghodas have to wear before stepping on the treadmill. He does this before the alarm goes off when everyone is sleeping. The contestants are woken up to the song ‘Romeo Naam Mera Choori Hai Kaam Mera’, indicating Deepak's thievery. But no one gets it. 

Shivashish Mishra convinces Sreesanth to not to leave, and though he gets down from the roof of the kaalkothri, but he is still adamant on leaving and asks for his contract. It is during this Surbhi Rana, who is the captain of the house tells him not to do this and they have a bit of an argument there. Sreesanth gets into the house to use the washroom, but Bigg Boss announces that as per the rules of the task, no one except Dipika and Deepak are allowed inside the house. Sreesanth goes out, removes his mic and Surbhi mocks him. 

The second leg of the task continues and Deepak is trying his best that the contestants who are running for him on the treadmill keep going. Bigg Boss soon announces that the first leg of the task has come to an end. Sreesanth is requesting Bigg Boss to let him go and says that he will escape the house by climbing the wall soon. Bigg Boss sends mattresses for everyone except Dipika and Deepak as they are the ghoda gaadi waalas, while others are playing the horses. Hence they will be sleeping outside in the garden area. 

In a matter of 4 weeks, the strength and weakness of various contestants has come into the light through various tasks. Learning from their mistakes, the strength and intensity with which the contestants are fighting to win this week’s luxury budget task is quite impressive. In the first leg of the task, Ghoda Gaadi, we saw a massive showdown between Sreesanth and Romil Chaudhary after which the former threatens to leave the house again and this time he even tries to escape by climbing the wall. Of course, other contestants, especially Dipika Kakar is stopping him to do so. Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth SPITS on Deepak Thakur's Name, Surbhi Rana Calls Him 'Mentally Ill' - Watch Video.

On tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12 we will get to see if Sreesanth successfully escapes from the house. And there will be the second leg of the task, and we are sure it will cause more frictions between the contestants. Stay tuned to this page for all the LIVE updates of tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12.