Jasleen is talking to Roshmi and Saba and she tells them that the celebs will go easy on Anup Jalota during the second leg of the task as he is a Padma Shri and a respected man. 

Shivashish, Jasleen hide all the shampoos late in the night so that the celebs don't use it against them in the second leg of the task on the next day. 

Deepak and Saba are talking to each other and he says that he was wrong in supporting his team members, but on a personal level, he says it was wrong. Saba tells him that he made his team members feel guilty. 

Karanvir performs the task successfully, as he doesn't give up. With this the first leg of the task comes to an end and two out of four celebrity contestants end up giving their golden rings. 

As Karanvir sits to perform the task, Shivashish Mishra and Sourabh torture him. This doesn't go down well with Deepak, who gets emotional and asks Shiv and Sourabh to go easy on Karanvir. This is when Sourabh loses his temper and tells Deepak that he knows Karanvir was hurting, but it's a task. Deepak gives it back to him and the housemates had to intervene to separate them. 

Dipika is the next one to perform and while she is being tortured by the Khan sisters, who throw water on her face, she ends up getting up from the seat for a moment. Kriti and Roshmi ask her to leave the ring as she gave up by getting up from her seat. Bigg Boss announces that he won't interfere in the task and that the  decision of the sanchalaks will be final. Hence, Dipika has to give up her ring on the basis of  Kriti and Roshmi's decision.

Now it's Srishty Rode, who is the next to perform. She gives up immediately as she feels a burning sensation in her eyes due to the soap water that was put in her eyes by Romil and Nirmal. Later, she starts crying and tells Sreesanth and Nehha that it felt like someone was slapping her continuously.

Nehha Pendse continues to get tortured but doesn't give her golden ring to the jodis thereby beating them. 

Sreesanth starts crying after he sees that Nehha is being tortured by the Khan sisters. He threatens to slap Saba as she was continuously throwing talcum powder on her face. 

Nehha Pendse is the first celebrity contestant to sit on the chair and the jodis torture her by applying egg to her skin. They take it a notch higher by dropping ice water on her hair. The Khan sisters bring lemon and squeeze it on Nehha. 

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The new week inside the Bigg Boss house started on quite a dramatic note, thanks to the nominations ki prakriya, which was an open nominations ki prakriya this time. Jodis had to nominate the celebs, who entered Bigg Boss 12 as solo contestants and vice versa. Captains Kriti Verma and Roshmi Banik didn't take strict action against the rule breakers and hence they were punished by Bigg Boss. The two were not safe in the nominations, and could be nominated, and they are in the danger zone this week along with the jodi of Romil Chaudhary-Nirmal Singh, and Karanvir Bohra and Dipika Kakar. Bigg Boss 12, 24th September 2018 Written Updates: Karma Is A B*tch, Say The Khan Sisters To Kriti Verma.

On tonight's episode, we will see the luxury budget task of this week titled Samudri Lootere. Like every year, this one is a torture task wherein the jodis will compete with celebs. Of course, the jodis leave no stone unturned, but celebs too will give them a tough fight. We are expecting tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12 to be very explosive.

Stay tuned for all the LIVE updates of tonight's episode of BB12 here.