Deepak, Surbhi, Rohit and Karanvir are discussing the strategy for the second leg of the task. Deepak says that they will make allegations against Megha and tell the jury all the nasty things she has said about everyone in the house so far. Karanvir says that Sreesanth's case should also be presented tomorrow. 

Romil continues to cry over Surbhi's comments and Somi and Jasleen console him. He says that he doesn't ogle at anyone and he is always lost in his thoughts. It's his nature. Somi goes to Surbhi and tells her that she has hurt Romil by questioning his character. She says she has apologised for bringing the brother-sister bond while making that accusation, but she doesn't like that he starer at her. Megha tells Romil to let go as Surbhi is not completely apologetic. Surbhi comes to Romil and apologises to him, but Romil tells Somi that she was not genuine. 

Surbhi Rana accuses Romil of ogling at her. Romil gets irritated and swears on his little son that he was not ogling at her. This hurts Romil and he breaks down and tells Jasleen and Somi that Surbhi has insulted him and their bond of a brother and sister. Jasleen and Somi side with Romil and say that Surbhi did cross the limits by making this allegation. Surbhi apologises to Romil saying that she should not have included the brother-sister bond while making his accusation, but asks Romil not to stare at her. 

Another argument breaks out between Jasleen and Rohit after she questions her loyalty. Rohit asks her to concentrate on her game plan as she is in the danger zone this week. As he walks out, he accidentally drops Jasleen's coffee mug. Megha says that he did on purpose. Rohit gets irritated and says he did it accidentally and didn't do anything intentionally and asks Megha to not interfere in his matters. 

Somi and Jasleen give the point to Dipika, after which Deepak tells Jasleen to not bring their personal issues in this task. Rohit comments saying that Jasleen is scared of Sreesanth, hence she gave that point to Dipika. Jasleen gets agitated and tells Rohit to not make such comments and clarifies that it was her decision without any influence. 

Dipika’s first allegation is on Surbhi for being fake and Deepak alleges Romil for his double standards. Dipika says that Surbhi knows just to get aggressive and nothing else. 

This week’s luxury budget task is called BB Panchayat. The house is divided into two groups - Team Dipika with Romil Chaudhary, Sree Santh and Megha Dhade and Team Deepak with Rohit Suchanti, Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Rana. Deepak and Dipika are the mukhiya of their teams and Jasleen Matharu and Somi Khan are the sarpanch. Everyone has to dress up as per their characters assigned to them. Deepak and Dipika have to present their cases and make allegations against the contestants of the opposite team and declare why they are not suitable to stay in the Bigg Boss house. Somi and Jasleen have to select the strongest allegation amongst them and call the contestants for a trial. Based on the argument presented by both the team, the sarpanch has to decide whose argument was the strongest and declare the winner.

In the morning contestants wake up, and Deepak Thakur is still feeling shy to talk to Somi Khan, who tells him that if he wants to talk to her as a friend, he can. Later, Somi, Romil Chaudhary and Dipika Kakar in the kitchen where Romil is apologising to Somi. And she keeps laughing while he is talking to her. Romil finally thinks that she accepted his apology, and hugs her, but she still seems to be unforgiving. 

Bigg Boss house has has got a desi makeover for this week’s luxury budget task. To give the contestants a hint of what was in store for them, Bigg Boss woke up the contestants to the song ‘Desi Girl’. This week’s luxury budget task on Bigg Boss 12 is called BB Panchayat. The house is divided into two groups headed by Dipika Kakar and Deepak Thakur. Like all the other luxury budget tasks, this one too will cause many rifts amongst the housemates. Bigg Boss 12: Surbhi Rana Is A LIAR, Romil Chaudhary Was Never Ogling At Her And This Video Is Proof.

We will see a major fight between Dipika and Deepak. Surbhi Rana will be seen making some serious allegations against Romil Chaudhary, after which he will break down. Stay on this page as we bring you all the LIVE updates of tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12.