Bigg Boss 12: 'Ek Chala Gaya Toh Dusra Chahiye' Says Somi Khan To Jasleen Matharu
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Bigg Boss is one show where we’ve seen innumerable equations change, from friends turning enemies and vice versa. But it is very rare that we get to see two people fighting and after sometimes, one of them going over to apologise for the same. It just shows how two people value their relationship more than fights in the house. And in tonight’s episode, we’ll see the same happen between Romil and Somi. Bigg Boss 12: Romil Chaudhary And Somi Khan's Friendship Is Definitely One Of The Highlights Of This Season

During an argument, Somi passes a comment on Jasleen and says- ‘Ek Chala Gaya Toh Dusra Chahiye’ which irks Jasleen to no end and the duo start fighting. Even as Megha asks Jasleen to calm down, Somi reveals that she heard Jasleen say the statement to someone else. However, Romil gets dragged into the middle of all this and ends up having a fight with Somi. Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth's SLAP To Rohit Suchanti Didn't Connect, But He Still Deserves A Punishment

Somi, later on, walks up to Romil and asks him to sort things out. To this, Romil tells her that he would never ill-treat her and when she apologises, he tells her that it is okay. He also goes on to tell Somi that he could never misunderstand her, but then asks her to go to her friends Surbhi and Deepak. He also then tells her that they will continue their friendship outside the house as decided and walks off from Somi, despite her asking him not to.

Watch the video below.

Looks like Romil is done with all of his happy club members and their misdemeanours towards him and the breakup seems to have taken a visible toll on Romil. Will this affect his game as well?