Bigg Boss 12: Surbhi Rana Gets Into an Ugly Fight, Makes Fun of Sreesanth’s Slapgate Controversy – Watch Video
Bigg Boss 12: Surbhi Rana gets into anugly fight with Sreesanth. (Photo Credit: File Image)

The drama and fights are getting intense in Bigg Boss 12 house with each passing day. While in the previous episode, we saw Bigg Boss declared that no captain this week as the contestants failed to complete the task, in tonight's episode, the house of Bigg Boss 12 will see contestants get into ugly fights, especially Sreesanth and Surbhi Rana. The wildcard contestant Surbhi has taken the house by storm ever since she entered the show. She has been getting into fights one after the other. In the upcoming episode, you will see Surbhi Rana getting too personal during a fight. In a fight with Sreesanth, Surbhi not only calls him liar, arrogant and poses questions on his relationship with Dipika, she goes to an extent of making fun of Sreesanth's slapgate controversy, annoying the latter to no end.

Well, it all start with Bigg Boss telling them to discuss and choose three people for the Kaal Kothri punishment. While the housemates discuss that which three contestants should be sent to jail, they eventually end up fighting. While Deepak blames Sreesanth for disrespecting the show, Dipika Kakar comes to Sree's rescue. Defending Sree, Dipika tells everyone that no one holds the right to tell him anything as they themselves are no good. In no time, the fight turns too ugly when Surbhi gets into the picture.

Check out the video here:

Speaking of Kaal Kothri, the housemates choose Sreesanth, Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana for the Kaal Kothri punishment. However, Bigg Boss has a special task for the prisoners, which will decide who can come out of the Kaal Kothri. While Karanvir will play for Deepak, Romil will play for Sreesanth and Rohit for Surbhi. The task is to find  a key in an ice cream. So who do you think will be successful in finding the key and release their friend. Let us know in the comment section below. Watch this space for further updates.