Bigg Boss 13 EXCLUSIVE: Evicted Contestant Dalljiet Kaur Says She Never Wanted To Play the 'Single Mother' Card On The Show
Dalljiet Kaur in Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Bigg Boss 13 is one show that always manages to grab attention. We don't know if this season has yet found its place in the list of entertaining seasons, but it has sure in the controversial ones. Within just first two weeks, 'ban bigg boss' is trending along with a string of more such controversies. Amid all this, host Salman Khan announced the double eviction during the weekend ka var episode. Hence, the first housemate of the season to exit the show became Dalljiet Kaur. We spoke to this visibly composed contestant and quizzed her about her stint and specially, mention of her son 'Jaden' in the house. It was evident how she lost cool everytime her son was dragged in any chat between the housemates. Here's what she has to say about it. Bigg Boss 13: Dalljiet Kaur Becomes the First Contestant To Get Evicted From Salman Khan's Reality Show.

When quizzed why she used turn into an angry woman when contestants took her child- Jayden’s name, she said, ‘"Ya. Because my whole idea was never to play the 'single mother' card. I did not want people to keep constantly talking about my child. Because even if I got emotional I never really cried. I missed him so much but I never really shed a tear. Because that was never my point to go there and play the whole sympathy card. I wanted to play on my strength, I wanted to play on the real person that I’m and I did not like the fact that people kept bringing him up and making me look weaker. I did not like that."

Video of Dalljiet Blasting the Housemates

Well, like any mother would, Kaur too was not ready to tolerate her family in the game. In the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar, Rashami Desai or Koena Mitra are nominated to leave the house.