While Rashami Desai is fighting it out inside the Bigg Boss 13 to get crowned as the winner of the season, her brothers, Gaurav Desai and Mrunal Jain are extensively promoting her outside the house. It was just a few hours ago when the brothers held a press conference for the media in which they talked about all things positive about Rashami. The two expressed how Rashami has been a strong candidate on the show, and if it would have been someone else in her position, he/she would have given up till now. On been questioned about Rashami and Sidharth's relationship, the duo answered that when two people work together, link up rumours are bound to erupt. Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai Gets Interrogated by Rajat Sharma About Her ‘Dark Secret’ With Sidharth Shukla, The Actress Says ‘It’s Personal’ (Watch Video).

But the interesting part came in when they were quizzed about Arhaan Khan and how glad they were that his truth is finally out. To which Gaurav Desai replied, “Yes, we’re very thankful to Bigg Boss for this. We’ve met Arhaan twice after Bigg Boss and I had no idea about any of this. The fact that Rashami had no clue about it came as a bigger shock to me. But, yeah, in that sense we’re thankful to Bigg Boss.” Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla Is Glad That Rashami Desai and He Did Not Marry Each Other (Watch Video).

Check Out Rashami's Video From Aap Ki Adalat Below:

When Mrunal was asked the same question, he said it would have been better, if the fiasco had been solved within the family itself. “I genuinely feel like this should have been solved among the family. As brothers, we should have known about it before others but we’re not holding anything against Rashami. As brothers, we feel like Rashami has taken a stand and that’s what every brother wants. No matter where she is in life, she should know what she is doing or what she feels; and as brothers, we feel that she has taken the right stand." he said.

Well, we do agree with Rashami's brothers here. Surely, it's a sigh of relief that the TV actress is finally out of the man's trap. Stay tuned!

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