Salman Khan once again repeats that Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma are in the bottom two and it's none of them who will be leaving the show today, as Devoleena due to back injury will quit the show. He elaborates that as the TV bahu needs complete bed rest she needs to go. But Paras and Mahira's elimination verdict will be told on Sunday's episode.

Salman Khan gives a task to the inmates wherein they need to pick one contestant each with whom they want to start a 'Shubh Aarambh'. But the twist in the tale is that while doing so each contestant needs to break a coconut which leads to all things nasty. While Sidharth picks Shefali for dosti, Vishal chooses Shukla for dushmani, Asim selects Paras for duri, Devoleena chooses Arti for chela, Rashami picks Asim for friendship, and the task goes on.


Salman Khan gives an update to the housemates on the nominations. He tells that Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma get the least votes this week and so are in the bottom. The rest contestants up for evictions are safe. 

Salman Khan gives a task to the housemates wherein Sidharth Shukla is the raja and he needs to form his team of chess and label each contestant. Sid tags Rashami as the horse, Shehnaaz as haathi, Vishal as the wazir, Paras as the camel and last but not the least, Hindustani Bhau as the pyada. Do you agree?

While Salman was talking to Mahira over the captaincy, Rashami in between says 'thank you'. To which Salman gets to Desai and asks her what was that gesture for? Rashami while defending herself goes back to the old 'delivery' task and explains how she still feels that it's because of her and Devoleena that Mahira got selected by Paras and also got into the mid-season finale. To which Salman stops her in between and tells to 'shut up' in a joking way. He also adds that Desai had no contribution in the delivery task, but she did had contribution with regards to Arhaan. Sigh!

The Vivo call of the week is for Sidharth Shukla. The caller quizzes to Sid that when he was friend with Asim, he used to call Riaz his 'chela'. Now after his tiff with Asim, he is mostly seen with Paras. The caller further adds that he listens to Chhabra a lot these days and also follows what he says. So the caller conveyed that is Shukla Paras' 'chela'? To which Sidharth denies the allegations. 

Salman Khan schools Rashami and Vishal over their pasta theft and quizzes why did they do so? To which the two replies that they were hungry. The host then asks Sidharth his take on the same and the lad calmly explains, how because of Desai and Singh's stupidness the whole house got to suffer. 

The fight over the pasta seems to be never-ending as Shukla is still yelling and blaming Desai and Singh. He further utters that Rashami can survive the rest of her life by stealing and being a chor. Not just this, he also calls her 'meethi' aurat. Umm, Sid, please stop shouting. 

The captain of the house, Sidharth's screaming is in no mood to stop. He says ill to Rashami over pasta, which makes the TV actress sob. 

Rashami and Vishal then come out of the confession room and informs the inmates that all the luxury items need to be kept in the storeroom. To which Sidharth blasts at Desai and Singh. Amidst the chaos, Shukla loses his cool and shouts at Vishal and even tags him a loser. Sidharth also punishes the two to wash the utensils, to which Singh denies. Well, we feel the way Shukla yells, he really needs to calm down man!

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Saturday means Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 13 and what a better news than this! Coming to the contestants in the house, Friday episode got all chaotic thanks to Arti Singh and Sidharth Shukla who got into a verbal fight. Sidharth in the heat of the moment also tagged Singh as 'bin pendi ka lota'. The reason behind the two BFFs fight was Hindustani Bhau. Well, now talking about tonight's Weekend Ka Vaar and going by the updates online, the house will be on fire today. Bigg Boss 13: Farah Khan All Set to Replace Salman Khan Due to the February Finale? Deets Inside.

From Vishal Aditya Singh and Rashami Desai stealing pasta act which will make Shukla turn into an angry young man to Sidharth tagging Rashami 'confused', a twisted night awaits. Not just this, the highlight of tonight's episode will be Bigg Boss announcing that the show is getting a one-month extension. Also, reportedly, Devoleena Bhattacharjee is hospitalised due to severe back injury and there will be no eliminations this week. So, what are you waiting for, catch all the live drama here! Bigg Boss 13 BREAKING News: Vishal Aditya Singh’s Ex-Flame, Madhurima Tuli To Enter Salman Khan’s Reality Show As A Wild Card.