Arti takes a dig at Mahira after Salman signs off. "Mahira main to Sidharth Shukla ka puppet hoon na?" she asks. Mahira goes to the garden area and cries. Vishal comforts her. Then, Paras comes and talks to her. "I hate her (Rashami)", Mahira screams. 

Salman reveals bottom 2, Vishal and Sidharth Shukla. Everyone is shocked that Sidharth is bottom two. Salman schools Sid. Salman reveals that no one is going home this week. He also adds that the bottom two thing was a joke. 

Paras tells Salman that he wants to say something. Paras says that these contestants keep saying that Mahira Sharma is weak and defends her that she has survived the most. Salman says that Mahira could have said the same thing. Asim says no one calls her weak. Mahira starts crying and says that she feels bad when they these things. Rashami defends herself. Mahira snaps back. Mahira says that all Rashami does is bitching behind the back. Mahira says that Rashami plays with words. Rashami says that she has the art of playing with words, what does Mahira have. Mahira says that since Salman has said that she was saved because Rashami was evicted earlier, everyone in the house has held it against her. Salman asks Mahira if she thinks Rashami is jealous of her. Salman asks Shehnaaz who is more jealous - Rashami or Mahira. Sehnaaz says that she is the most jealous of all women. She owns the words 'jealous' and 'flip'. 

Salman welcomes Siddhartha Dey and Abu Malik on the show. They play a game with the contestants, where the ex-contestants get bathed with various things, from flour to sauce. 

Salman plays a game with Kartik and Sara. He asks Kartik to say his Punchnama dialogue with a retainer in his mouth. Sara and Kartik talk about the good music of their upcoming film, Love Aaj Kal. They laud composer Pritam. Salman says that music composer Pritam Da is very talented and that he gave good music for Tubelight and Bodyguard. He then calls Pritam absent-minded. He reveals that he once took his car to his place and returned in an auto. And then complained that his car got stolen. Also, that once Pritam was once talking on the phone and saw a spider. Instead of hitting it with a paper in his hand, he hit it with a phone instead. 

Housemates pull Shehnaaz's leg over her affection for Kartik Aaryan. She says that Kartik is the only one she follows on Instagram and he has never replied to her DMs. Kartik and Sara do an impression of Paras and Mahira. They nail it. They mimic Shehnaaz and Sidharth. Kartik does a Shehnaaz, while Sara plays Sidharth. Salman tells Sara, 'Apni maa pe gayi ho!' Sara tells Salman that her mother, Amrita, is a big fan and wants to talk to him. Salman calls Amrita right there. Amrita says that she loves Shehnaaz and Rashami. 

Contestants are asked whom they won't be seeing when they exit the house. Asim takes Paras' name. Rashami takes Sidharth's name. Shehnaaz takes Paras. Arti takes Vishal. Sidharth takes Shehnaaz's name and says that he won't be able to see her flip over other men, as she did with Gautam Gulati and Kartik Aaryan because he doesn't want any insecurity. Shefali and Asim take each other name. Paras takes Shehnaaz's name, since she only told him she thinks of him as her own a few moments ago. Mahira takes Asim's name. She calls him ungrateful and selfish. 

Rashami and Shehnaaz are up against each other now. They have to make a portrait of Kartik. Shehnaaz makes a sketch and kisses it, winning the task. Shehnaaz has to compete with Mahira now and has to do 30 sit-ups. Shehnaaz wins. She has to compete with Arti next, and they have to act like animals. Arti wins. Arti and Shefali compete next. They have to hula hoop for 30 seconds. Shefali wins. Sidharth and Shefali win chyavanprash. 

Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan enter the house. Shehnaaz runs and hugs Kartik. Sara gifts the housemates with a frying pan since theirs broke. Sara and Kartik play a game with the contestants. Asim and Vishal are the first ones to perform. They have to breakdance. The two dance on Urvashi. Girls pick Asim as the winner.  Paras is the next one to compete with Asim. They have to drape a saree. Sara picks Asim as a winner. Sidharth has to compete next with Asim. They have to move their hips. Sara picks Sidharth as the winner. 

Salman says that Arti will be getting a call from Vivo caller of the week. Suchismita Patnayak is the caller and she wants to talk to Sidharth Shukla. She tells him that he is her favourite. She asks him why does he act like a sore loser if he doesn't win during a task. She asks him if this is an ego problem or if his game strategy. Sidharth says that it is not an ego problem. He says that he doesn't like losing. And even less if the reason for losing is unfair. Sidharth explains why he was right. Salman interrupts Sidharth and says that they have heard this explanation 50 times. Arti asks Suchi which ad she liked more, and she says it was Mahira's ad. But she likes Sidharth more.  

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A new Weekend Ka Vaar is here on Bigg Boss 13. Madhurima Tuli has left the house already after going against the rules of the show by hitting Vishal Aditya Singh. Tonight, we will learn the name of the new evicted contestant, unless it was Madhurima only who recieved the least votes. In that case, it would be two birds, one stone. All the contestants have been nominated this week. In tonight's episode, we will also see Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan grace the show, to promote their film, Love Aaj Kal, the trailer of which dropped a few days back. Salman Khan will interact with the two new actors and will even play a few games with them. Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra's Girlfriend Akanksha Puri Posts a Cryptic Tweet, Says 'In the End, I Want to Be Able to Say, I Gave It All I Could'.

Sara and Kartik will also go inside the house to play a few games with the contestants. As if the contestants have not been played enough with already. Sara and Kartik will also mimick Shehnaaz Gill, Sidharth Shukla, Paras Chhabra, and Mahira Gill. Bigg Boss 13: Evicted Madhurima Tuli Blames Vishal Aditya Singh and Other Contestants for Provoking Her in the Reality Show.