Danish Zehen’s Death: Maulana Reacts To Allegations; Says He Is Ready To Apologize To Danish’s Family!
Muhammad Sadiq Rizvi and Danish Zehen (Photo Credits: Screengrab from Youtube and Danish Zehen's Instagram Account)

Only this morning, a video of a known cleric speaking about late YouTuber Danish Zehen went viral. In the video, the man is seen rebuking Danish’s way of living and passed some really harsh comments about Danish. He was seen in the video passing statements like how Danish was living away from his parents and with a girlfriend and how he must have also started drinking and gambling and all other sins. Danish Zehen’s Death: Cleric’s Insensitive Religiously-Charged Comments About The YouTuber Will Infuriate You

Watch the video below.

However, in a conversation with Mid-Day, the cleric named Muhammad Sadiq Rizvi, refuted allegations of him speaking wrong about Danish. He was quoted as saying, “A lot of people are spreading this video on social media, where my statement has been portrayed in a completely different light. My intention was not to hurt the family. In fact, one of his family members from Mumbra contacted me after watching the video, and I apologised to them. I hadn't even heard of Danish Zehen earlier. But a lot of people were complaining to me about how youngsters were following his way of life and troubling their parents. And so, I said all of that at a program in Surat on December 28, 2018. If the family is hurt, then I'm ready to apologise to them again. I'll also file a complaint against those circulating this video for their own agenda."

The paper also spoke to Danish’s mother and brother who seemed tired of speaking about Danish’s passing. Both of them requested that people leave them alone and also let Danish’s soul be at peace. However, his brother Gufran Mulla revealed that another Maulana who had passed similar statements about his dead brother had called to apologise, but not Sadiq Razvi.