Game of Thrones 8 Premiere: 12 Best Quotes From Tyrion, Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, Bronn From the First Episode That Made Us Say ‘Hell, Yeah!’ – View Pics
Game of Thrones 8 Episode 1: 12 Best Quotes From Tyrion, Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, Bronn That Made Us Cheer for Them(Photo Credits: HBO)

After a gap of nearly two years, Game of Thrones, arguably the biggest television show on Earth, returns for its final season. The first episode of the eighth season premiered on April 15 in India, streaming on HotStar. While the last episode of the last season ended with The Night King and his army taking down the Wall with an undead Viserion, the first episode of the eighth season has kept them at bay, though not without giving us constant reminders of their presence. Also, the episode lacked in real fights and battles. Which doesn't mean that it was bad!  (The Post Ahead is Filled With SPOILERS). Game of Thrones 8 Episode 1 Review: From Cheery Reunions to Bronn’s Foursome to the Night King’s Evil Message, a Recap of What Happened in the Premiere Episode of Final Season.

There were quite a few moments worth loving in the show. The Stark siblings have a reunion finally, though it isn't as nostalgic as we thought to be. Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen are already sharing cold vibes. There's an exhilarating sequence involving dragons, where Jon gets to ride one. Cersei forges an uneasy alliance with Euron Greyjoy. Samwell drops the truth on Jon Snow about his true lineage. The surviving Night Watch gets a grisly reminder from The Night King. And yes, Jaime Lannister meets Bran Stark for the first time after the events of the inaugural episode of the show. Not to mention, Bronn was almost getting lucky with three women when Qyburn drops some bad news on his libido. Game of Thrones 8 Episode 1 Recap: From Shocking Nudity to Jon Snow’s Dragon Ride, 12 Best Moments in the First Episode of the Final Season (SPOILER ALERT).

And there are those quotes. Game of Thrones is known for some terrific one-liners that the first episode of the eighth season also lived upto the legacy. We have compiled the 12 best quotes from the episode below:

Bran Needs To Learn Taking Compliments!

Tyrion and Sansa Reminiscing About The Purple Wedding

Cersei Giving Euron a Lesson About Queens (And Breaks Her Own Rule Later).

Daenerys Giving Sansa A Quick Course on Dragon's Feeding Habits

If Jon Knew What Arya Had Been Up To!

Yara's Mantra to Take Down The Night King

As Always, Bronn Has The Best Line of the Episode As He Sums Up Lannisters in One Line!

Varys Gives a Life-Lesson on How Youth Sees Seniors

Tyrion Describing Sansa in One Perfect Line. Ramsay and Joffrey Would Agree, also Littlefinger!

The Hound and Arya Catch Up From Where They Left The Last Time They Saw Each Other

Samwell Dropping the Big Truth on Jon Snow

Of Course, Tormund Has Blue Eyes! 

Did we miss out on any more terrific quote from the episode? Do share what we missed out on in the comments section below. Also let us know what you loved the most in the first episode of Game of Thrones finale.