Game of Thrones 8 Episode 1 Review: From Cheery Reunions to Bronn’s Foursome to the Night King’s Evil Message, a Recap of What Happened in the Premiere Episode of Final Season
Game of Thrones 8 Episode 1: From Cheery Reunions to Bronn’s Foursome to the Night King’s Evil Message, a Recap of What Happened in the Premiere Episode of Final Season

The first episode of the season 8, which is the final season, of Game of Thrones marks a reunion for a lot of characters in the series. The episode begins with John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, along with her Unsullied Army, Dothraki army and the two surviving dragons in Winterfell. They are looked upon with some trepidation by the people in Winterfell, but the dragons, always the stars of Game of Thrones, strike fear in them. Save for one, Arya Stark. Arya is please to see Jon Snow, but he doesn't see her in the crowd. Game Of Thrones Season 8: Here's How Netizens are Killing Time Ahead of the Premiere of Episode 1

When Sandor Clegane comes in view, Arya looks worried, but cheers up on seeing Gendry. Jon reunites with Sansa and Bran, with Sansa clearly showing that she is unhappy about Daenerys being there. Bran informs Jon and Dany that the Wall has been breached and the undead are marching to the place.

During the Council, Lady Lyanna of Mormont voices her displeasure of having Jon leave his duties of being the King of the North and fraternise with the outsiders. Tyrion has a speech about how they now have the largest army and they are prepared to take the war to the undead, but the news that the Lannister army might join them doesn't go down well with the Northerners. Sansa later tells Tyrion that he is really naive to think that Cersei would send her army to help them out.

Jon and Arya have a tearful reunion near the weirwood tree, where they talk about their swords.

Meanwhile at King's Landing, Qyburn informs Cersei that the dead has broken through the Wall, but Cersei, now the Queen of the North, seems pleased with the news, as she merely saus, 'Good'. We see that she has been staring at the fleet of ships approaching her city. Euron Greyjoy is coming back and he is brining the Golden Company. Euron has a chat with his niece, Yara Greyjoy, who is his prisoner. Yara tells him that he is going to lose the war, to which he replies that he is going to f**k the queen. Game of Thrones Recap: 7 HOTTEST NSFW Sex Scenes in the Show That Pushed the Envelope When It Came to the Risque Content – Watch Videos.

That's exactly what he propositions Cersei after having her meet the leader of the army. After much contemplation, Cersei agree to sleep with him.

Bronn who was about to have sex with three women is hired by Cersei through Qyburn to handle her brothers. Meanwhile, after during the post-coital session, Euron tells her that he is going to put a prince in her belly. After he leaves, Cersei is seen cradling a cup of wine. So what's up with her announcement to Jaime that she is having his child.

Meanwhile, Theon Greyjoy manages to save his captive sister Yara, and they steal the ships from Euron's fleet to rejoin Dany's forces.

Jon Snow and Dany have a chat about how his sister (Sana) has seemed to take a disliking for her. Later, a couple of her Dothraki men tell Daenerys that dragons are not eating. Dany takes Jon to the dragons and ask him to ride one. At first, he was fearful but soon gets the hang of it. They reach a beautiful snow-laden place with a waterfall where Jon and Dany share a kiss, while the dragons don't seem very pleased with it.

Arya meets Sandor and the meeting doesn't go very pleasant, as the last time they were together, Arya had left him to die. Arya later reunites with Gendry and asks him to make a special weapon for her. Jon and Sansa also have a not-so-friendly talk about bringing a Targaryen queen to Winterfell. Jon says he doesn't care for any title (King of the North), but all he wants is to protect the country from the undead.

Daenerys meets Samwell Tarly, which again turns out to be a very unhappy conversation. In the last season, she had burned alive his father and brother. Daenerys now has the unpleasant task of telling him the news.

A bereaved Samwell goes and meet Jon, where he tells him of what Dany told him. Sam tells Jon that he wants to have him as the king while revealing to Jon about his true lineage. A shocked Jon tells Samwell that he can't betray Dany about sitting on the throne, as that would amount to treason.

Meanwhile Tormund, Beric Dondarrion and the rest of the surviving Watchers on the Wall reunite near the fallen place. They see the Umber boy being pinned on the wall with limbs made in concentric circle around him, which looks like a message from the Night King. They plan on going to Winterfell before the undead reach there, when the boy comes alive as a wraith and snarls at them. Beric sets him on fire, as the rest stare at him looking concerned.

In the last scene, Jaime Lannister reaches the North, and guess who he says there first? Bran Stark, with that knowing expression in the face. After all, it was Jaime who pushed him off the tower in the first episode of the first season, leaving Bran crippled. The episode ends there.

Overall, a great first episode that has the markings of what we loved about Game of Thrones. From most anticipated reunions to dragons getting to shine to even Tyrion getting to have moments to show what he is, not to mention the nudity, it has been quite an awesome watch till now. The first episode of Game of Thrones 8 is also its shortest with a runtime of 54 minutes.