Gandii Baat 3 Bold Scene Leak: 'I Am Proud Of Performing It,' Says Lalit Bisht
Lalit Bisht (Right) Sheeva Rana and Lalit Bisht (Photo Credits: Instagram)

After making viewers wait for an ample amount of time, ALTBalaji released the trailer for the much anticipated third season of their unabashed bold content show Gandii Baat. The show that was one of the first projects to release on ALTBalaji, focuses on bringing to forth stories about relationships and taboos which usually are not spoken about or discussed in the societal norms but do very much exist and are a rampant practice in the real world. With extremely hard-hitting and bold content, needless to say, the show has amassed a huge viewership and now enjoys a loyal audience base. Gandii Baat 3 Trailer Video: ALTBalaji's Erotic Web-series Gets Bolder and More Sensual

Recently, a leaked clip of an intimate scene between actor Lalit Bisht and hottie Sheeva Rana from season 3 became viral, and the actor is one unhappy soul. He came forth to express his disappointment over the situation and did not hide his feelings at all. Gandii Baat 3: Lalit Bisht and Sheeva Rana's HOT Make-Out Session in a Lift Gets LEAKED! Watch Video

Says Lalit, "It was really disheartening when I came to know that the video clip of my intimate scene with Sheeva from the series got leaked. I felt bad initially but now I am fine as it’s not my real-life video that got leaked. It was just a scene from the show and I am really proud to perform it with ease as our director made us so comfortable during the shoot.”

Well, this isn't the first time that ALTBalaji has had to deal with a case of an intimate scene being leaked. During Gandii Baat 2Stree actress Flora Saini and Anveshi Jain's lesbian scene was also leaked. Gandii Baat 3 streams on ALTBalaji from July 27, 2019 onwards.