Our hearts go out to Gaurav Chopra. The man has been through great lows and a definite high which must have altered his life permanently. Losing both your parents within days of each other is something none of us can bear. The actor had to go through that. His mother passed away due to COVID-19 first and then within a few days, his dad was no more. Both were ailing from the same disease. After such an emotional turmoil, a ray of hope entered his life when he and his wife Hitisha were blessed with a baby boy.  Mulling over the same, Chopra has written a post on Instagram which might make your eyes moist. Gaurav Chopra Shares How It’s Difficult To Live After The Demise Of His Parents

Chopra reminisces how three dates have left him enlightened about how life or rather this universe functions. He talked about learning the meaning of life. He went from an emotional and physical test to getting 'divine intervention' and 'bountiful blessings'.

Life teaches you so much and nobody can talk about if better than Gaurav Chopra.

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