Ishqbaaz December 4, 2018 Written Update Full Episode: As Shivaay Prepares to Welcome Priyanka and Jai Home, They Get Ready to Relocate
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

In today’s episode of Ishqbaaz, we see newlywed Priyanka and Jai enter their house. Priyanka waits for a welcome, but Jay shocks her when he says that nobody is expecting them and that she shouldn’t wait for any kind of welcome formalities. Priyanka feels bad and enters the house, when she goes to their bedroom, Jai stops her tells her that he does not like people invading his space. She is heartbroken, Jai even warns her to not disturb her from now on. A sad Priyanka goes and settles down in another room when she receives a call from her brother Shivaay. She pretends to be happy and says Jai is very nice. She asks Shivaay to not worry about her and hangs up abruptly and informs him that someone is calling her. Ishqbaaz Actor Kunal Jaisingh and Bharati Kumar's Wedding Date REVEALED!

At Shivaay’s residence, we see Naniji asking Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) to prepare for Priyanka’s welcome and asks her to fetch the jewellery. She asks Bhavya to check whether the chefs are preparing properly. Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) and Omkara (Kunal Jaising) bring the gifts and ask Dadi where to keep it, she tells it to keep in the table. Shivaay comes and tells everybody that Dadaji’s birthday anniversary is coming and he’d need help from everyone for his biography. He unveils the title and removes a curtain showing “The Life and Times of Prithvi Singh Oberoi”.  Seeing this everyone is happy, Rudra says he can play the young Prithvi Singh Oberoi. Shivaay informs that a writer will pen their Dadaji’s story, and everyone will have to contribute and give information. When Shivaay asks Dadi about one close friend of Dadaji, Dadi excuses herself and goes inside. Ishqbaaz Fans Trend #NoSurbhiNoIshqbaaaz on Social Media; View Tweets!

In Jai’s house Priyanka prepares for her Pehli Rasoi ritual and tells him to taste it, but instead, he says he’s not interested in all these things and that he has already sold the house. He tells her that they are soon moving to the US. Jai also asks Priyanka not to unpack because the will be shifting to a Hotel. Priyanka says we will take time to understand each other and that Shivaay will be coming to pick them up. Jai tells her that he’s not interested in all this and leaves.  At the Oberoi mansion, Shivaay is eager to welcome his sister and Jai home for the after wedding ritual. He asks everyone to keep things ready. Nani comes and tells Shivaay that his father’s associate was Suryakant Arora. Shivaay is shocked and asks how come she knew about him. She then tells that they were all a part of the same group and that Surya now lives in Canada. She even shares his number with Shivaay and insists on him calling and inviting Surya over. Nani has some master plan, but nobody knows what it is.  Shivaay comes to his room and searches for his watch when Anika says he himself has gifted it to Sahil. She calls out to Sahil and asks him if Shivaay didn’t give the watch to him? Shivaay pretends to have gifted Sahil the watch and Bluetooth earphones. Anika is angry and tells Shivaay to not to give expensive gifts to Sahil and spoil him. Shivaay is upset and after Anika leaves and he reprimands Sahil. Shivaay tells him that if he wanted anything he should have asked it and not taken it like how he had done. Sahil is relieved that he was saved.

All are waiting to meet Suryakant Arora and are shocked to see him. They expect and old man who’s orthodox, but Surya is quite modern and insists on not being called Dadaji or even by his full name. He opts for a cool name like Surya or Su. Dadi enters the room is speechless after seeing Suryakant there.  Nani comes and teases Dadi and tells her to bring tea. Kalyani Dadi feels shy, all are talking to each other. Suryakant says tea is very good, he likes with jaggery tea and asks Kalyani (Dadi) that she still remembers this. He is very happy to know that she still remembers everything. However, the youngsters in the house are shocked and ask Dadi, Nani comes to her rescue and says that it was she who informed Dadi about Surya’s preference. Shivaay gets an important call and he excuses himself. He tells the person on the call that he wants the contract at any cost. On the other side we see Jai making a statement that the contract will come to him and nobody else. After some time, Surya takes Kalyani Dadi to a side and talks about the good old days. He talks about how it was Prithvi who was the opportunist and stole Kalyani from him. He even proposes that they reconcile their love. Kalyani is shocked and confused.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Shivaay in Priyanka’s house. He is shocked to see that Jai isn’t with his sister and asks her why her husband is not there. Priyanka looks confused but insists that he had some important work. Let’s wait and watch if Shivaay finds out the truth about Jai-Priyanka’s marriage.