Ishqbaaz February 21, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Shivaansh Decides to Throw Mannat Out and Make His Family Hate Him Before He Dies
Niti Taylor and Nakuul mehta in Ishqbaaz (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with SSO (Nakuul Mehta) and all in the dining table. Mannat has prepared her pehli rasoi as a new bride, PN asks what she has prepared for SSO. Mannat tells that she has prepared Gajar ka halwa, and takes a box from her bag and puts something, SSO stops her and asks what is she mixing in it, she tells she is adding pista. PN tells SSO to take a bite first of the halwa, SSO tells Mannat will take the first bite. Varun asks whether SSO doubts if Mannat has mixed poison in the halwa, all are shocked listening to this, SSO says maybe. Varun asks is he serious, SSO tells he was just joking and tells that sweet is also poison for him. Mannat takes some halwa in the plate and eats it. PN tells Mannat to feed SSO from her hand, she feeds him. Everyone enjoy the halwa. Ishqbaaz February 20, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Mannat Tries to Reveal Varun’s Truth to Shivaansh, but He Refuses to Believe Her

SSO gets Dr Shrivastav's call and he tells SSO to come to the hospital. SSO and Khanna go to meet Srivastav, he tells them that the results have come but it is not as he wanted and says SSO’s body cannot sustain the treatment and that it might be dangerous for his life. SSO asks how many more days he can live, Srivastav tells hardly nine to ten days. Khanna gets emotional and starts crying.  SSO gets tensed as he will die within one week. Varun’s goon hears this standing in the corner. Ishqbaaz: Manjiri Pupala’s Exit From the Star Plus Show CONFIRMED!

SSO gets depressed and thinks about his family and what will happen to them after he dies. SSO thinks he will not lose hope and live his life to the fullest and that he is a superstar. SSO thinks what PD and PN will do after he has gone. SSO thinks he should make everyone hate him so much that they don’t remember him and cry afterwards and he has to throw Mannat also out of the house as she might take advantage and destroy his family.

Varun gets the news from his goon that he is going to die within one week, he is happy and thinks some celebration should be done and calls someone and tells that he is coming today to visit her. PN calls out to Varun, Radhika tells that Varun has gone to Pune for some urgent work, PN tells that the ayurvedic tea she used to have for controlling her BP is finished and that Varun only used to get it and that he might have forgotten it. Mannat tells that she also knows from where to get that tea powder, PN says Mannat has a solution for all the problems. Mannat goes out to get the tea powder.

PN and all see SSO coming inside the house with a bike and destroying everything in the house. There Mannat goes to the market to get tea powder and sees Varun with a girl and thinks how comes he is here as he had told that he is in Pune. Mannat hears Varun telling that girl that he had to come today to meet her as today is their anniversary. Mannat is shocked to see all this. Varun puts mangalsutra in her neck.

There PN and all are upset as to why SSO is doing this, SSO tries his best that everyone starts hating him. The action trainer tells that this is a nice place to do stunts. PN tries to make him understand that is a house and not a film studio, but he does not listen to anyone and does stunts. Mannat comes and sees this all and is shocked to see it. Seeing Mannat SSO  drives his bike and comes towards her, Mannat is going to fall but SSO holds her (janeey jaa janey jaa track is played in the background) SSO tells Mannat to stay away from him. PN asks why is he doing this all. SSO tells that he has to live his life and that from now onwards they should take care of themselves and not bother him.

In the precap, SSO tells Mannat that he will throw her out of the house.