Ishqbaaz February 20, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Mannat Tries to Reveal Varun’s Truth to Shivaansh, but He Refuses to Believe Her
Niti Taylor and Nakuul Mehta in Ishqbaaz (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with SSO (Nakuul Mehta) telling Dr Shrivastav that there is some confusion as for why will he not go for the heart transplant as it is the only hope for him. Shrivastav tells he will talk to the department and tell him and goes from there. SSO thinks all this is done by Mannat and gets angry. There everyone is helping Radhika who is choking, SSO comes there and panics seeing her like this. Mannat presses Radhika from behind and removes the thing from her mouth. Radhika feels relieved, PN tells if Mannat was not there, then God knows what would have happened to Radhika. Radhika tells thank you to Mannat, SSO also holds her hand and tells thank you for saving Radhika. Ishqbaaz February 19, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Shivaansh Blames Mannat for Trying to Stop His Heart Transplant Surgery

SSO  is confused as on one side Mannat takes care of PN and his family and on other hands, she tries to kill him. SSO sees Mannat’s bag and thinks how will he open her bag, but thinks he has to find out about Mannat and open’s it and gets all kinds of stuff inside it. SSO finds a knife inside it and thinks maybe she wants to kill him that’s why she has a knife in her bag and hide it under his pillow and acts as if he is sleeping. Mannat comes and checks her bag and thinks how can she forget to bring her night suit and wonders how can she sleep and gets an idea to stitch a nightdress from the pillow cover and tries to take the pillow, but SSO thinks that she is coming to kill him and shouts and gets up, suddenly they both fell in the swimming pool (Janey Jaa Janey Jaa track is played in the background). They both come out of the swimming pool, SSO gives Mannat Radhika’s clothes and tells her to wear it. Ishqbaaz: Manjiri Pupala’s Exit From the Star Plus Show CONFIRMED!

Next day morning, SSO tells Khanna that they have to go to meet Dr Shrivastav, PN comes and tells SSO that he cannot go out as today is Mannat’s pehli rasoi and that he has to stay home. SSO tells that before the food is made he will come back. Avi comes and tells everyone that SSO’s marriage has got the highest ratings on social media. Varun watches them from up and thinks it is good that everyone has come to know that Mannat is SSO’s wife so after SSO’s death, all the property will go to Mannat and then he can easily get it from her and tells that he won’t kill SSO but will make Mannat kill him. After Ishqbaaz, Surbhi Chandna to Play the Lead in Sanjivani Remake? – Deets Inside

In the clinic, the doctor tells SSO that he has stopped that consent form from going further, it means that the heart is still there, Khanna feels happy. The doctor tells that for the surgery only the heart or getting it is not enough, they have to get certain tests done and see if his body is ready to take such intensity. SSO tells he is ready for any test.

Varun calls Mannat and tells her to do some work, Mannat tells that she will not do any work for him from now. Varun tells her that this time he will not hurt Munni but put a bomb in her house so that along with Munni her Chacha, Chachi will also die. Mannat tells please don’t do anything and she will do all that he says. Varun tells to replace the medicine he has kept with SSO’s real one. Mannat thinks if she replaces it then SSO’s life will be in danger and thinks she cannot do it and throws her earphone down with anger, SSO comes and ask what is she doing. SSO tells he caught her red-handed as she is replacing his original medicine with the fake medicine. Mannat tries to tell him the truth and shows the number from which she is getting calls, SSO tells Khanna to find out whose number is this.

SSO gets a phone and tells Mannat that the number she gave him to enquire is not working for more than five years and it does not even exist. Mannat tries to make him understand how can it be possible but SSO gets angry as she lied and tells her that she will go to jail and goes from there. Mannat cries as SSO is not listening to her and that she has not done anything wrong. Mannat tells that she will show the truth to SSO. PN comes and tells Mannat to come down to do the rasoi ki rasam. SSO asks where is she going, she says that she is going for doing the rasoi ki rasam and no need to explain to him as he won’t listen to her. SSO asks whether she will put poison in his food, Mannat tells him that he has to eat it and see and goes from there.

In the precap, SSO asks Mannat in the dinner table what is she putting in the gajar ka halwa. She says she is putting pista, Varun asks SSO if he is thinking that Mannat has put poison in the halwa.