Ishqbaaz February 26, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: On Seeing Radhika in Trouble, Shivaansh Takes the Blame of Varun’s Murder, but Mannat Isn’t Ready to Believe
Niti Taylor in Ishqbaaz (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with SSO (Nakul Mehta) comes to the factory and searches for Sahil and sees Radhika and Varun lying down and asks what happened to them. Sahil tells that Radhika was upset when she left the house and he followed her and came here and saw Radhika and Varun fighting with each other, Radhika took a screwdriver and killed Varun and seeing blood Radhika fainted. Sahil tells that he didn’t know what to do and called him. Sahil tells now what will happen the police will come and arrest Radhika, SSO tells nothing will happen to Radhika and he will save her. Sahil asks him when the police come and question him what should he say, SSO tells Sahil to tell the police that SSO killed Varun. Nakuul Mehta's Ishqbaaz Will Go Off Air To Make Way for Shaheer Sheikh's Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke?.

In the Oberoi mansion, PN is searching for Radhika and sees SSO bring her in his arms and gets tensed as what happened to Radhika. SSO tells them that he killed Varun as he misbehaved with Radhika. PN is not believing this and ask him to reveal the truth. SSO tells whether she believes or not but he killed Varun. Radhika wakes up and asks for Varun, SSO tells her that he killed Varun. Radhika is not able to believe it and shouts at SSO why he did this. Radhika in anger says that SSO is no more her brother. PN slaps SSO and tells that he has done very wrong and that she prays to God that he should be punished for his sin. The police come and arrest SSO but Khanna tries to stop them. SSO tells that he will go with the police as he has done the crime. The media gathers outside the house and clicks a picture of SSO. SSO thinks it is good that everyone should hate him so that no one misses him when he is dead.

Chachi asks Mannat to bring a glass of water, Mannat brings water and watch T.V. and comes to know that SSO has killed Varun but she is unable to believe it and thinks there is something wrong. Mannat thinks is this because she sent the photograph of Varun and that girl. Chachi tells that SSO will be hanged to death by the police for his crime. Mannat tells that she knows that SSO will not do such a thing.

There at the police headquarters, the commissioner asks why SSO is doing this all and why he is lying. SSO tells that now he is a bad guy and he only did this all. The commissioner asks him to give his statement. Sahil comes to meet SSO in the police station. Sahil tells SSO that he did what was told but he is not understanding that if he wanted to safe Radhika he could have hired a good lawyer and why he had to take the charges on himself. SSO tells that he wanted to save Radhika from the guilt which she will have all her life. Sahil asks what will happen to him. SSO tells that he will live only for five to six days. Sahil could not believe what SSO is telling and ask why he is talking all rubbish, SSO tells him that the doctor has told him that he will live for only five to six days more as he is suffering from heart disease. Sahil gets upset and asks why he did not tell him earlier he could have taken some way out. SSO tells that after him he only has to take care of them all. SSO tells that before dying he just wanted to know the reason why Radhika killed Varun.

Outside media people come and tell to free SSO, the commissioner tells them to stop shouting and tells that they have arrested SSO for killing Varun, Mannat comes there and thinks how she will go and visit SSO. Mannat hears what the commissioner said that Varun died at around 2 pm in the afternoon, Mannat shouts and tells this can’t be as if Varun died at 2 p.m. then SSO has not killed him as he was with her at that time. The commissioner is shocked to hear it and ask who is she. Mannat tells that she is SSO’s wife, the media gather around her.

The commissioner comes in and tells SSO that his wife has come outside to save him but SSO gets upset as he wants everyone to believe that he has done to murder so as to safe Radhika. SSO tells the commissioner that Mannat is a fake person and she just wants to show in the eye of everyone that she is his wife. SSO tells she is doing this all for publicity and tells the commissioner that he wants to meet Mannat once. Mannat comes inside to meet SSO, seeing her SSO gets wild and ask why she is back of him and that he was not there with her that day, Mannat asks why is he telling a lie. In the precap, SSO tells why is Mannat doing this all, she says that she will save him.