MTV Ace Of Space: Varun  Sood Proposes To Divya Agarwal; She Threatens Him With Dire Consequences!
(Picture Credits: Episode Stills)

MTV Ace Of Space seems have reached a crescendo, with the on-going drama between Divya Agarwal-Varun Sood-Chetna Pande. After entering the show together, the format of the game changed and the jodis were separated and Varun-Chetna were paired up. However, their budding friendship and closeness seemed to affect Varun's bestie Divya and ever since we get to see constant fights between Varun and Divya over Chetna. And honestly, we are left confused as to what exactly does the trio want. Varun Sood and Chetna Pande Caught Getting Cosy in MTV Ace of Space; Divya Agarwal Jealous?

However, their triangle of sorts has taken a new turn with Varun proposing to Divya.  Yes, you read that right.

The next task in the show will see each houseguest turn a reporter and he/she gets an opportunity to put allegations on the other houseguest. While the viewers will witness numerous revelations, but Varun Sood's confession grabs everyone's eyeballs. Divya Agarwal Says ‘I Love You’ to Varun Sood Amidst Their Major Fight

Varun accepts that he is 'in love with his best friend' and proposes to Divya. But to this Divya's reply shocks everyone. She threatens Varun and tells him, "If you doing this for publicity stunt or impact or anything my dad will file a case against you and make sure that you are behind bars, cannot date anybody or marry anybody, Mr.Varun Sood”.

While the pressure and insecurity swirling in the atmosphere of the house, a surprise makes its way into the house. Akanksha makes a re-entry into the house. How will her re-entry change the dynamics of the house? Also, what's next in store for Varun and Divya's friendship?