Naagin 3 Spoiler: Sumitra Has Stolen the Naagmani and Plans to Kill Bela Soon! Say What?
Major twist ahead in Naagin 3 and it'll shock you! (Photo Credit: Voot)

We saw in the last episode of Naagin 3 how the Naag guru informs Bela that the naagmani has been stolen. Bela is also given a series of tasks by him but Anu creates trouble for her by calling a gynecologist to prove that Bela is not human. Bela also tells Mahir that she wants to give their marriage a second chance and the poor guy gets all excited. We also saw that Bela's mother is not actually dead but probably paralyzed. The Naag guru tells her that Bela can never find out that her mother is still alive. That was one shocking scene!

But there is a major twist ahead in Naagin 3. Though Bela killed Jamini, turns out Sumitra will turn out to be the Queen of Witches and is also the naagmani thief. Considering how much she loves Bela and takes care of her, we bet you never saw this coming. With Anu's constant efforts to expose Bela and Vish joining the police force to get them to stop looking for Yuvi, we did not see this coming at all. It will be a major twist in the show and we would love to watch it! There is also a mysterious someone who stops Aditya from exposing Bela.

Sources also reveal that Bela will eventually find out that Vikrant had been cheating on her and was with her only for the naagmani. In fact, it was because of the herbs he got that Bela's mother suffered so much. Other sources revealed that Vish will also be in Team Vikrant and the two will turn against Bela to seek revenge from her. Since Bela is already falling for Mahir, we are pretty sure she will take things forward with him. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more.