Ssharad Malhotra and Ripci Bhatia Wedding Details REVEALED!
Ssharad Malhotra and Ripci Bhatia (Photo Credits: Instagram)

It came as a pleasant shock when actor Ssharad Malhotra announced his marriage with Delhi-based designer Ripci Bhatia. Ssharad and Ripci were introduced to each other by Ssharad’s sister, who is a fashion designer. The two will be tying the knot in Mumbai in the month of April and preparations for the same have already begun. Ssharad’s wedding will be a gala affair with celebrations taking place over two days. Ssharad Malhotra Officially Taken; To Tie The Knot With Delhi-Based Fashion Designer Ripci Bhatia In April

First will be the haldi, mehendi and sangeet, followed by a Gurdwara wedding the next day and Hindu pheras in the evening. Looks like everybody is keeping up with the ‘two-weddings’ trend.

Reveals Ssharad, “I am a bit nervous, but that’s obvious. In the last 12 years, I have got married seven or eight times on-screen. But this is going to be real. So, I’d say, I am more excited now (laughs). My parents are also very happy. What more could I ask for? My mother and sister have already started planning for the functions.” Ssharad Malhotra’s Birthday Plans Involve Spending Quality Time, But With WHOM?

Letting us in on a small tid-bit into the wedding preps, the actor said, “Since Ripci is a Sikhni, there will be dholwallahs playing at our wedding. I have also arranged for a top line-up of DJs, one of whom is a friend from Kolkata. My Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother-in-law will all shake a leg that day. Friends from the TV fraternity will definitely be a part of my wedding functions in Mumbai.”

And while their wedding will be a traditional affair till the end, Ssharad’s and Ripci’s reception will be an English themed one, the actor reveals.

The actor, who has always come across as marriage-phobic, added, “I do believe that marriages are made in heaven. I have had two relationships before. For me, commitment was never an issue. But whenever the topic of marriage cropped up, I’d start stepping back. Though there have been a lot of accusations, I have had great regard for my exes even after the relationship ended." Ssharad Malhotra On His Break-Up With Pooja Bisht: ‘My Silence Has Always Been Misconstrued’

This time, I’d call myself plain lucky to have found a partner and a friend in Ripci. It’s her simplicity that attracted me the most. She never asked any question about my past relationships. Also, I realised, it was time I settled down. I can’t keep running away from marriage all my life, can I? So, I decided to take the plunge. Ripci is beautiful, independent and the most level-headed person I have ever met. Given our work schedule, timing is always a matter of concern, which leads to a lot of problems. I am glad Ripci understands the daily grind of an actor. ”

Any special wedding gift he has chosen for Ripci? To this, the actor said, “I am the best gift for her (laughs).” When quizzed about his honeymoon plans, Ssharad said, “While I love the hills, Ripci loves the sea. So, we are yet to finalise our honeymoon destination (laughs). After the wedding, I’ll be back to work. Maybe, we will plan something in the next few months.”