HBO’s The Idol is surely set to make some noise as the Lily-Rose Depp-starrer has made a huge impression with its first episode. A mixed reception from fans and most of the talk being centered around the subject matter of the show, The Idol is already causing controversy. The story, which follows the pop-star Jocelyn, who after falling in love with the cult-leader named Tedros (The Weeknd) tries to reclaim the title of being the biggest touring act ever, the first episode of the series has some really shocking scenes. The Idol Episode 1 Review: Lily-Rose Depp, Abel Tesfaye’s Sex-and-Nudity Driven HBO Series is a Messy and Contradictory Critique Into Hollywood’s Exploitation of Fame (LatestLY Exclusive).

Coming from Sam Levinson, who is best known for creating Euphoria, this was expected as the first episode itself packs in some scenes that will definitely shock many viewers. From a nude photoshoot to locking an intimacy coordinator in the bathroom, there is some stuff in here that will push the average TV experience. So, let’s take a look into the five scenes that definitely had the viewers shocked.

The Photoshoot

The Idol begins with Jocelyn partaking in a photoshoot for her new album cover, however, when she takes it a step too far by going nude for it, the intimacy coordinator steps in and intervenes. Offended by it, Jocelyn calls in her manager Chaim, who takes care of the situation and locks him in the bathroom. Starting off the show like this was certainly a shock seeing as to how The Idol is all about the critique of the Hollywood exposure and sex appeal.

The Photo Leak

One of the other big plot points of the episode was that Jocelyn has a rather intimate photo leak onto the net. The photo in question being Jocelyn having semen on her face and it being used to bring her down. However, she just shrugs it off like nothing and continues on with her day.

A Steamy Dance with the Weeknd

Jocelyn later on in the episode goes to a club that’s owned by the Weeknd’s Tedros. Here, he approaches her after being enamoured with her and asks her for a dance. What follows is a steamy scene where the stars definitely get a bit too close to each other and follow up their time in a dimly lit hallway.

Back at Home

After reaching back home and having had a grand night, an exhausted Jocelyn sits herself down on a sofa. However, the night doesn’t end there for her as she continues to pleasure herself in this explicit scene that will have some viewers definitely shocked.

The Ending

The first episode of The Idol also packs in another, well, I am not sure if weird is the right for it, but it certainly is a scene with a whole lot to unpack. It sees Jocelyn demo her new song for Tedros, however, he feels that she is holding back. Which then leads him to give her a “pep” talk and sees him wrap cloth around her head and start choking her. He then lets her breath after cutting open a hole in the cloth where her mouth is and asks her to sing. The Idol: From Semen on Lily-Rose Depp's Face to Masturbation With Ice Cubes, Here's How The Weeknd's Series Shocked Viewers at Cannes 2023.

That was certainly a whole lot to unpack. But, if you want to check out The Idol, then you can stream the first episode which is currently streaming on JIO Cinema.


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