Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode Update, September 11, 2018: Ishita And Raman Are Shocked to Find Out That His Neurosurgeon is an Alcoholic
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Ishita and Ruhi speaking to Raman's therapist. The therapist is quite happy with Raman's progress. She makes Raman promise that he will not be angry with Ishita. Also, she asks Raman to keep up his fighting spirit.

Later Ruhi and Ishita are elated to find Raman in a surprisingly good mood. As they drive on Raman jokes and speaks to Ruhi and Ishita. He also talks to his family on the phone. Later he spots his favourite restaurant and makes Ruhi turn around.

He asks Ishita to get the red velvet cake for the family. Dr Rajat sits in the bar of the restaurant as he drinks. He gets a call from the hospital asking him to come down for surgery.(Also Read: Ishita Plans a Romantic Date With Raman)

He refuses and hangs up. As he is walking out, he tells the person on the phone to inform the patient that he is out of the city. Ishita is walking right in then, and she hears this. She has a chat with him, and he makes an excuse to her.

Ishita wonders why he is acting weird as he reeks of alcohol. Ishita returns to her car and tells Raman and Ruhi about the encounter. Ruhi speaks about the time she spotted him too, and he was lying to someone on the phone about his name. As they drive on the spot a block on the road.

Ishita spots the woman she met at the hospital and walks out to check. As it happens, the woman's husband died, and she wants to know what exactly happened. Ishita and Raman support her and take her to the nearest hospital for autopsy.

Ishita calls Mani, and he comes down to help. Aliya takes Raman's reports to his therapist. There at the hospital, the autopsy reports reveal the truth. Ishita and Raman are shocked to know that Dr Rajat actually nipped an artery, and the doctors covered up his mess.

Also, this doctor tells them that Dr Rajat is an alcoholic and he has made plenty of such mistakes in his surgery. Aliya too gets this information from the therapist. Raman is furious and says that he will not let the man go without paying.