Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Key July 11, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Kunal Persuades Kuhu to Break Mishti and Abir’s Relationship
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke June 11 Written Update

In yesterday’s episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Key, we saw Abir confronts Mishti for risking her life to save him while she fails to express her feelings. Later, Meenakshi decides to meet the Maheshwaris. Today’s episode starts with the Rajvansh’s greeting the Maheswari’s. Meenakshi tells everyone that she had called them here as she wanted to talk with them. Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Key July 10, 2019, Written Update Full Episode: Mishti Admits her Love for Abir When He’s in an Unconscious State at the Hospital.

On the other side, Mishti(Rhea Sharma) and Kuhu come home and see no one is at home except Jasmeet. Kuhu asks her where are  they gone, Jasmeet tells them that they have gone to meet the Rajvansh’s.

Meanwhile, in the  Rajvansh household, Meenakshi tells Vishambar that she was angry with them because of her son and asks an apology for her behaviour. Meenakshi tells them that she is ready for Kunal and Kuhu’s alliance. All are shocked to hear it. Vishambar tells Meenakshi to give some time to them so that they can discuss it and then give her an answer. Dadaji tells them to take their own time and reply.

Kuhu tells Jasmeet to call Vishambar and inquire what is going on there. Meanwhile, Vishambar discusses with Rajshree and all whether they should accept the proposal or not. Rajshree and Varsha request Vishambar to accept the alliance but Vishambar says no as he can’t trust Meenakshi.  Rajshree tells him that Kuhu likes Kunal at least for her sake he should accept the proposal. Vishambar calls Kuhu and asks her wish, Kuhu tells she loves Kunal. Vishambar tells Kuhu and Mishti to come to the Rajvansh house. Meanwhile, Abir (Shaheer Sheikh) calls Mishti and reveals her that Meenakshi has accepted the proposal, Mishti is very happy for Kuhu. Abir tells Mishti to come home with Kuhu and he will show Mishti his painting.

In the Rajvansh household, dadaji gives sweets to Vishambar as all have accepted the alliance. Kuhu and Mishti also come, Kuhu hugs Meenakshi and takes blessings from her. Abir sees Mishti and winks at her, she feels shy and looks elsewhere. Varsha is happy to see that Kuhu’s wish is fulfilled. Mishti and Ketki go up to get the saree which Meenakshi had brought for Kuhu.

Jugunu comes and tells Mishti that dadaji has called her to meet and takes her to another room. Down Meenakshi gives the saree and a gold bangle to Kuhu as shagun. Abir holds Mishti’s hand and takes her to a side and tells her that he wants to show her his painting and takes her to his room.

In the precap, Kunal tells Kuhu that if Abir and Mishti get together then Meenakshi won’t allow them to become one and ask her if she will support him in separating them. Mishti realizes that she loves Abir.