Tyrone, aka Sadiq Mohammad, grew up in the Bay Area listening to iconic Cali pop stars like Wiz Khalifa and Kendrick Lamar. He grew up in a Desi household where he was surrounded by a large population of Indian and Pakistani families. In Desi (Indian or Pakistani) families there is a constant emphasis on Bollywood Music. Bollywood music is a blanket term for Indian music but truly only refers to Hindi music made for Bollywood movies.

This means that the songs are made for different situations within the storyline, and they often convey different emotions - love, separation, happiness and celebration, anger/disappointment etc. These songs are a favorite pastime for many Desi people.

Music is seen as a way to connect with others, while living in the present and enjoying life. Tyrone embodies exactly that- he is someone who lives in the present, enjoys life, and wants to connect people together. With all those interests in mind, Tyrone knew he would make a mark in the space, by releasing music that complimented his unique Desi background.

Growing up, Tyrone used to keep himself updated with all the new Bollywood songs to play at functions. But when he wasn’t keeping up to date with the new Bollywood music, he spent his time listening to hip-hop. Somewhere, in the middle of it all, he decided to draw inspiration from Bollywood by creating Hip Hop music.

He is constantly pushing the envelope and seeing how different melodies come together. For Tyrone, music is a way to try, experiment, and if you do it right you can hit a beat, and you might create something completely new in the process. Tyrone’s most successful song put him on the map. His latest song is on Apple Music, and it’s called Tyrone.

Currently, the 25 year old artist is working on a few more possible releases with Apple Music, along with some other original singles. From here on out, he plans to flood his music portfolio with more original content, and he even has a bigger surprise release coming up. He explains that “I love releasing music that connects people together.

Growing up, my family always emphasized the importance of community, and uplifting others up. I hope that my music can make people happier, and look forward to the post-pandemic days”. His music is gaining a lot of traction from users and big outlets. With all this momentum, Tyrone is savoring this sweet moment. He’s come a long way from making music in his bedroom to now making hits on Apple Music. He single-handedly managed to give Hip-Hop a refreshing take and push it to new levels, creatively speaking. In the process, he may have created a genre of his own. This is just the beginning for Tyrone, and much more music is going to come.