Delhi And Mumbai Are Among Leading 'Marijuana Metros', Karachi High On Hashish
File photo of Marijuana. (Photo Credit: Twitter@Jweeds_420)

The people of Delhi and Mumbai have taken the song "Dum Maaro Dum" really seriously it seems. A study by Israeli-based firm Seedo has ranked New Delhi at number three and Mumbai at number six in terms of cannabis consumption. Truly 'Marijuana Metros' one could say and if you thought our neighbour Pakistan was losing in this race, you are grossly mistaken. Karachi is high on Hashish and ranked at no.2 on this 'smoky list'.  But alas! India and Pakistan both lost this 'Pot' battle to New York City, which tops the list. One isn't sure if it can be called a dream list though, unless you are a 'stoned' heart.

No sooner had this report been published twitter exploded with cannabis lovers tweets. Self-proclaimed 'weed' economists also suggested that legalising marijuana would increase India's economy by a whooping $100 million. Hope finance ministers around the world are listening!

Some were busy making new year resolutions that promised on reducing alcohol consumption with the help of weed! Now that's fighting fire with an inferno.

The growing consumption of cannabis in cities around the world gives those demanding legality for marijuana a reason to cherish. However, that day still seems to be far from reality. Till then, the lovers of the plant also called as the 'Green Goddess' and 'Magic Dragon' will have to be content with the Bob Dylan song 'Everybody must get stoned'.

Facts about Cannabis

1.  April 20 is celebrated as Cannabis Culture Day in parts of the world. It's called 420 or 4/20 in US.

2. There are around 1,000 slang terms for marijuana. In India itself, marijuana has variety of names depending upon where they come from.  Bhaang, Ganja and Charas are some of the most popular names for cannabis in India.

3. A poor quality of cannabis is also called 'Nixon' named after the president, and it refers to poor quality bud being sold as high quality bud.