Sermons From Saints for Rajasthan School Children As Extra-Curricular Activities on Third Saturday of Every Month
School Children (Photo credits: Pixabay) (Representational Image)

Rajasthan, June 12: Rajasthan Education Department has issued a list of extra-curricular activities for schools of the state which also enlists that on third Saturday of every month, the students will hear sermons from saints in the school premises. This is not the first time that such rules are being forcefully implemented in schools.

Last month, Madhya Pradesh government made it mandatory for the school students in the state to answer their roll-call with "Jai Hind". This step is meant to instil a sense of pride and patriotism among the students. The students would answer roll-calls by saying-"Jai Hind" instead of "yes sir" and "yes ma'am".

In another report that came out a few days back, mass transfers of the teachers are on the cards as the Rajasthan Education department has lifted the ban on transfer in the election year. Recently over 12,000 teachers posted in elementary education were transferred across the state. According to a DNA report, the education department has decided to monitor online that the teachers who have been transferred have joined the new post or not. With this online method, higher officials will come to know how many teachers have joined, and how many students have avoided transfers. This move is expected to prove beneficial for the education of the students.