In recent years, a remote mountain city in southwest China's Guizhou province has gained global popularity for its guitar-producing regions. becoming one of the world's most important guitar-producing regions. However, what is less known is thatthere is a summer resort in this small city, Jiudaoshui National Forest Park.

The Chinese word “Jiudaoshui” has nine streams of water, which means that Jiudaoshui is a lake formed by the confluence of nine different streams. Legend has it that it was made up of nine dragons as we all know that the totem of the Chinese people is the dragon. The dragon had nine sons, and the nine sons made up the lake.

Centering on original ecological development, Jiudaoshui Park has 1244.5hectare, with the forest coverage rate reaching as high as 90%. There are nearly 1095 kinds of plants, 389 kinds of animals, and insects in the park.

The beautiful legend,along with the surrounding residents, who are mostly of mysterious Gelao nationality and Miao nationality, leave the forest park under the cloak of mystery.

The average altitude of Jiudaoshui is 1450 meters, and in return, the high altitude brings coolness and freshness here all year round.In summer, Jiudaoshui has an average temperature of 21.9 degrees, which is fairly cool, dominating the surrounding scenic spots. Chongqing Municipality, which is not far from here, is famous for its scorching heat in summer. Jiudaoshui, by contrast, has become the best choice for a large number of Chongqing residents.

Welcome come to this forgotten summer resort. Carry a guitar on your back, and this will be your best choice for the pursuit of happiness.

China's Jiudaoshui, the world's summer resort.