Avengers Endgame, Infinity War, Black Panther: All 22 MCU Movies Ranked from Worst to Best Based on Box Office Performance
MCU Movies Ranked (Photo Credits: Marvel Entertainment)

Avengers: Endgame, the 22nd movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), is changing history. The movie has is e and is expected to become the highest grossing film in the franchise soon enough. In fact, over the years, all the Marvel movies have been trailblazers when it comes to the box office success. And there was a time when there were more than required people who did not believe this could be money minting 22-movies long franchise. Here, we are ranking al the MCU movies from Iron Man to Hulk to Black Panther to Captain Marvel, in order of the money they made. Avengers Endgame Box Office Collection Day 4: The Marvel Film Fares Brilliantly on Monday, All Set to Enter the Rs 200 Crore Club.

While the list does start with The Incredible Hulk being the lowest earner, we suggest you to check out the movie. It is one of those underrated gems of the MCU, which definitely would have earned more money if released today. Avengers: Endgame is on the fifth number but maybe in two week's time it will make its way to the top.

So, here we go. All MCU movies ranked from worst to best as per their box office performances WORLDWIDE.

22. The Incredible Hulk: $263 million

21. Captain America: The First Avenger: $370 million

20. Thor: $449 million

19. Ant-Man: $519 million

18. Iron Man: $585 million

17. Ant-Man and the Wasp: $622 million

16. Iron Man 2: $623 million

15. Thor: The Dark World: $644 million

14. Doctor Strange: $677 million

13. Captain America: The Winter Soldier: $714 million

12. Guardians of the Galaxy: $773 million

11. Thor: Ragnarok: $854 million

10. Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2: $863 million

9. Spider-Man: Homecoming: $880 million

8. Captain Marvel: $1.11 billion

7. Captain America: Civil War: $1.15 billion

7. Iron Man 3: $1.214 billion

5. Avengers: Endgame: $1.216 billion (still running in theatres)

4. Black Panther: Over $1.3 billion

3. Avengers: Age of Ultron - Over $1.4 billion

2. The Avengers - Over $1.5 billion

1. Avengers: Infinity War - Over $2.04 billion

In the coming weeks, you can expect Avengers Endgame to rise up the ranks very easily. The reaction from the audience to the movie is overwhelmingly positive. And, boy, we can't wait to update this list with the future MCU movies. Stay tuned to LatesltLY.