Bengaluru, September 22: Bengaluru traffic is one of the most discussed topics in the country. To curb the traffic congestion on the various roads of Bengaluru, the Karnataka government has been thinking of imposing a ‘Congestion tax’ on vehicles entering the city through high-density roads during peak hours in a move to ease traffic congestion.

To promote the usage of public transport more often, the government has been planning to impose this tax.

The proposal is part of a recent comprehensive report - "Karnataka's Decade - Roadmap to $1 Trillion Economy" - prepared by the planning, programme monitoring and statistics department and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry suggesting steps that need to be taken in various sectors. Bengaluru Traffic Helps Groom Run Away From Bride Day After Marriage After Car Caught in Jam.

What is Congestion Tax?

Congestion tax is a system of charging vehicles to enter certain areas of a city especially during rush hours. This fee is meant to help reduce traffic jams in particular areas along with air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. It can also help to strengthen public transportation by encouraging people to switch from private vehicles. Bengaluru Traffic Turns Out To Be Blessing in Disguise for Groom As He Runs Away During Traffic Jam After Ex-Girlfriend Threatened To Expose Him.

How Will Congestion Tax be Imposed in Bengaluru?

FASTag has been successfully implemented in Bengaluru since 2021. It is proposed that the same mode be used to collect congestion tax for ease and convenience, a report in TOI said. The authorities could set up checkpoints at important entry points to busy areas and use cameras to take pictures of vehicles as they pass through. Then, the congestion tax can be collected from the vehicle owners as it’s done in case of traffic challans.

The introduction of congestion tolls is seen as a crucial step to encourage greater reliance on public transportation. This measure is anticipated to enhance travel times for buses, cars, and delivery vehicles.

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