Susan Francis is Australia’s top mindset, manifestation and business coach and founder of the Soul Aligned Business Babes Academy. She helps female entrepreneurs to “expand to a new level of abundance, wealth and flow through creating aligned businesses that they love''. Her Quantum Expansion Business coaching and SABB Academy both help women to “release any subconscious mindset blocks and limiting thought patterns that have held them back, so they can rapidly scale their businesses in a way that feels good to them”.

Susan developed her programs because when she started her own coaching business she was faced with the same problems as her clients - constantly chasing the next marketing strategy, hustling, overworking, feeling burned out and still not getting the results she was after. With a background in General Management roles in the fashion industry she had spent her life working in her masculine energy, and her greatest breakthrough was learning how to tap into her own feminine energy and trust her intuition more.

With her guidance she helps women to do the inner work to “connect back to their power as the deliberate creator, to the truth of who they are, and show up as the most authentic version of themselves. It’s about mastering your energy and alignment and magnetizing your next level, not chasing it”. She has seen clients scale from $10K to $35K months in 60 days, working less hours with her programs.

As a trained NLP and Time Line Therapy Practiontoiner, she also incorporates EFT tapping, mindset and law of attraction coaching. Her programs have been designed to help entrepreneurs to consistently attract more clients, master their messaging, work less hours, and become the “confident leaders they were born to be”.

As a coach, Susan believes that while financial freedom is essential, it's actually the time and emotional freedom that her clients gain that is the most impactful and brings the most joy.